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Comic Book Art: Punisher versus Christmas Elves by Chris Bachalo Comic Book Art | Comic Books 06 JUL 2013

I’m a big fan of Canadian comic book artist Chris Bachalo’s work, having first been introduced to it during his early DC/Vertigo stint, followed by his move to the Generation X team from Marvel.

Anyway, the point is that as expected, he went ahead and produced something rather special for the cover of 2008’s Punisher Max X-Mas Special – after all, how often to you get to see Christmas Elves on the attack!

comic book art punisher max x-mas special cover by chris bachalo

Chris Bachalo and Mark Buckingham: Generation X #3 Cover (1995) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 30 JUN 2012

Scared and hell bent on escape, Penance is running wild in the woods around Xavier’s and the Gen X team are trying their best to bring her in; She cuts her way through most of the team but it is their newest member, Chamber, who is able to reach her and let her know that they mean her no harm.

Generation X issue 3 hit the shelves in January 1995, featuring “Dead Silence”, written by Scott Lobdell and illustrated by the pencil/inks team of Chris Bachalo and Mark Buckingham.

For the cover, Chris came up with the particularly busy and striking image starring M squaring off against Penance!

Comic Book Art: Colossus by Chris Bachalo and Tim Townsend Comic Book Art | Comic Books 25 JUN 2012

I’ve always been a huge fan of American comic book artist Chris Bachalo’s darkly emotive (and often quite cartoony) artwork, and this particular piece of artwork featuring the hulking figure of Colossus of the X-Men against a brilliant yellow background (with the aid of inker supremo Tim Townsend), ended up being the cover for issue 3 of the X-Men: Colossus Bloodline 5-part mini-series from Marvel that ran back in 2005.

Chris Bachalo and Tim Townsend: X-Men #190 Cover (2006) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 01 OCT 2011

This very cool but hot piece of cover art graced Marvel Comic’s X-Men issue 190, released in October 2006, courtesy of the illustrious Chris Bachelor together with inker (and general partner in crime) Tim Townsend.

And while the cover might show Mystique and Iceman in a passionate embrace, the synopsis for part 3 of writer Mike Carey’s Supernovas story arc says nothing more than Cable returns to the X-Men and the X-Men battle a brainwashed Northstar and Aurora.

So that doesn’t help all that much in other words. Still, a fantastic example of cover art done beautifully!

Covered: X-Men: Colossus – Bloodline #4 (Chris Bachalo) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 30 JUL 2011

I’ve always liked the big metal Russian X-Men, Colossus, and in 2005 Marvel brought out the five issue long Bloodline mini-series, Colossus: Bloodline, scripted by David Hine with interior art from Jorge Lucas.

This sad story revolving the murder of even more members of Piotr’s ever dwindling family and the evil will of Rasputin, deserved some great cover art to complement the insides, and so the legendary Chris Bachalo stepped up to the plate to deliver some hauntingly beautiful portrayals of Colossus, with ink work handled by the talented Tim Townsend.

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Covered: The Books of Magic #25 (Chris Bachalo) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 04 JUN 2011

Chris Bachalo remains one of my favourite artists, thanks to his hauntingly beautiful and shadowed work, all of which is wonderfully brooding and stylized, but not so much that it becomes too distorted and unrecognisable.

From his awesome pencils on mature titles like DC Vertigo’s Shade, The Changing Man and Death, Marvel’s Generation X and X-Men and his own project Steampunk, Chris continues to amaze each and every time he puts pencil to paper.

This particular cover he whipped up for the spellbinding Books of Magic title from DC/Vertigo, instantly capturing the enigmatic and magical feel of the title as it confidently hit its quarter of a hundred mark back in 1996.

Featuring Death, Timothy Hunter and a whole lot of cherubs, how can you not marvel at this?

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