Things to do in Cape Town, the Helderberg, and the Cape Winelands

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Our 2002 Boland Hike (Or as Ryan Calls it – the Hike from HELL!)

I stumbled across this set of awesome, forgotten photographs while handling a drive I received from Ryan a while ago. Although I can’t remember the exact date, I’m pretty confident that these were taken back in 2002, back when I… Continue Reading →

It’s Just One of those Moments

It’s quite interesting, but this photo above is actually one of Chantelle’s and my favourite images to come out of our wedding back in November last year, despite the fact it doesn’t actually feature Chantelle or myself!

The Big Funeral

So another short day at work yesterday for me, but not for an enjoyable reason this time though. Aunt Sophie, my grans brothers wife passed away over the weekend at the ripe old age of 76, after battling debilitating illness… Continue Reading →

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