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Programming Blast from the Past: GameFAQs

Found this little self-produced gem on an old USB disk lying in my drawer and thought it a good idea to post up here to try and save it for prosperity. Basically, I wrote this handy little offline GameFAQs application… Continue Reading →

A Retouch or Two

Also, it is pretty important to let all of you regular readers know that you need to press Ctrl+F5 to force a cache refresh of the page in order to see all the new stylesheet and image changes.

The New CodeUnit Skin

As well aware as I am that there are far better and more constructive ways in which to spend an whole Saturday afternoon at home in front of the PC, it turns out that the lure of churning out something special is just that much stronger than what I thought and so I slaved away yesterday with scant regard for time in order to present you with what you now see in front of you:

Ctrl+F5 Press Required Please!

But I think I’m pretty happy with this final result I’ve now got in place, so you can go ahead and press ctrl+F5 in order to refresh the cache and view my site in all of its updated glory.

Yes, I’m still Working on it

Yes, I’m still working on it as you can see. But I have now successfully routed out all of the technology, code and software posts and moved them over to the CodeUnit site at least. Promise I’ll post some more… Continue Reading →

MD5 Hash Prefixer and Image Size Standardiser

Two more quick and dirty applications that I needed can now be found under the CodeUnit banner. MD5 Hash Prefixer MD5 Hash Prefixer takes all the files in a specified folder, creates a MD5 hash for all the file names… Continue Reading →

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