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Huguenot Fine Chocolates and Pizza in Franschhoek (2019-05-18) Food and Drink | Photo Gallery 20 OCT 2019

Chantelle and I woke up one Saturday and decided that we felt like a drive out to Franschhoek in order to check up on how the Theewaterskloof Dam was doing now that we were finally getting some much needed rain this winter season. (The answer, much, much better since we’d last been to see it!)

The journey out over Sir Lowry’s Pass, through the gorgeous Grabouw/Elgin Valley and then Viljoen’s Pass, past the vast Theewaterskloof Dam, and then up and over the Franschhoek Pass into Franschhoek itself is magnificently scenic, and one well worth doing if you ever get the chance.

This particular day was a beaut of a winter’s day, with clear skies and a warm sun guiding us to the food and wine capital of South Africa, where we strolled down main street, taking in the beautiful buildings, the stunning art, and the bustle of the many foreign tourists that bring Franschhoek to life.

We treated the girls with some fun (and delicious) chocolates from the excellent Huguenot Fine Chocolates boutique chocolaterie and then, because it was lunch, had pizza at the Col’cacchio next door.


A Weekend of Double Market Duty and Winning the Currie Cup My Life 03 NOV 2012

Last weekend didn’t start off on the greatest of notes, what with the final departure of my development team member Tristan to greener pastures (leaving me to now manage a team of two – and I’m one of those two – split amongst four or so projects), followed by the obligatory market preparation on Friday night, and then a once again more than disappointing Willowbridge Slow Market experience, where we brought in our lowest Chantelle’s Cookies and Cakes sales total at the market to date.

Still, it was pretty cool to see Terrance’s folks Terry and Hester pop in for a visit at the stall, so there was that, and then of course it had been a good week for cake orders for Chantelle, so at least that tempered the disappointing Willowbridge just a little.

However, things were just about to look up, as I proceeded to collect Jessie from my folks after finishing up the market, and then hunkering down with Monty and Rob to catch the big Currie Cup rugby final in the evening, Sharks versus Western Province in Durban.

And what a game it turned out to be!

Going into the game as serious underdogs based solely on the phenomenal season the Sharks had been enjoying, as well as their semi-final wallop of the Bulls, you could forgive our astonishment as Province played full throttle from the get go, holding the sharks back right until the final whistle to take an unforgettable victory, and in the process claim the coveted Currie Cup for the first time in eleven years!

What a game, what a game.

Making the late night trip back to Gordon’s Bay with a sleeping Jessica in the car, I managed to successfully transfer her to her cot before springing in to help Chantelle a bit with her preparations for Sunday’s market, before hitting the sack and trying to catch as much sleep as I could possibly squeeze in.

Sunday morning arrived and I loaded up the car and headed off to Hathersage farm in Somerset West, where I proceeded to set up the stall in the food section of The Market Place, this being the first weekend marking the return of the usually popular Hathersage natural goods market.

Pleasingly the day went well, thanks to the weather playing along and the locals coming out in droves to enjoy the sun and picnic under the big shady tree with their family. The atmosphere was great, and the music added to the whole vibe. Truthfully I was a little sad to be skipping out on the Century City market which I had so enjoyed four weeks ago, but I must say that it was rather pleasant doing a market so close to home for a change!

Chantelle joined me a little later in the afternoon, and at the close of day, we had done pretty well for our first outing at a new market – so definitely the morale booster that we had needed.

Other than that, there wasn’t all that much left in the weekend, as Chantelle returned to work to complete her evening shift, while I headed home to take over from Cheryl and Monty who had looked after Jessica at our place during the afternoon.

So yeah, not a lot of rest and relaxation for me this weekend then.

Though now that I think about it, it probably remains worth mentioning the rather strange pizza that I had tried out on Friday at Tristan’s departure lunch event – a Col’cacchio creation featuring chorizo, egg and peas on a pizza.

It was okay I guess, but certainly doesn’t beat the awesome stuff we churn out here at home ourselves! :)