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Off to the Land of the Citrus My Life 20 MAR 2009

Citrus OrangeWhew, work is once again killing me and interfering with my karate and training regimes, all of which means I’m looking forward to getting away this weekend for a quick breakaway to Citrusdal for the weekend. The occasion? Well it’s Chantelle’s cousin Chane’s wedding, and so it will be a whole Montgomery clan get together at the little farming dorp. I just hope I’ve brushed up enough on my Afrikaans and Afrikaaner traditions! It’s going to be a brandewyn en Coke sokkiejol, I’m sure of it! ;)

Seriously though, work is keeping me real busy again. Early mornings and late nights in the office, made all the worse by the fact that I get home and then get cracking on Commerce stuff, sigh, which of course is making me rather cranky and perhaps not one of the nicest people to be around at times. Of course, this leads to a more tense atmosphere at home (but I’m sure has nothing to do with the increased amount of frogs the cats are bringing into the house), so hopefully this little getaway will be good for C and me!

No word from Commerce I.T. as to the status of the webmaster replacement search, so I’m assuming that there hasn’t been much luck on that side, and similarly on this side of the world we haven’t had any luck picking up our junior code monkey either. The deadline for our Message 4 Events conference communications platform is upon us and thankfully I’ve pretty much now finished what I wanted to have in place for the MTO Summit that kicks off on Tuesday the 24th March, Eastern Time (GMT-5). Of course, this means I have exactly five working days to develop my full featured reporting portal for the Manchester airport AERODAQ compliance system, meaning that come Monday it will be right back with nose to the grindstone!

Other news on the work front is that the new office is coming along VERY nicely. It’s been painted, carpeted, blinded, the works. Essentially waiting on Telkom now and once that’s in, then we should be pretty good to go for phase 1 of our rollout to the new office. Unfortunately though it does seem like the parking issues will remain unresolved, meaning that I’ll need to get some nice walking shoes – it’s a looooonng trek to the communal parking area from where we’re based!

In terms of the karate, all this work has had the annoying side effect that it has kept me out of the training hall for way too long, meaning that I’m not ready to take part in the year’s first Boland All Styles Karate tournament that will be taking place on the 28th of March in Kuilsriver. It’s a pity because I think I would really have enjoyed taking part, but unfortunately my current state of fitness is just way too low to even think about it! Oh well, I’m sure there will be more opportunities before the year is out.

Hmm, think that’s about all I wanted to share with you guys for now. Have a good weekend if I don’t catch you guys here again. (Got work to do you know!) ;)

Office Politics are Fun! My Life 29 FEB 2008

My colleague Darryl can be one seriously nasty son-of-a-bitch sometimes, but only when it comes to the payback pranks he plays on the rest of us Commerce IT workers. Well okay, actually only Chris ever bears the brunt of these pranks, but like last time’s “monitor and keyboard completely covered in Post-It notes”, this week’s prank was a doozy.

Chris (aka Nur) made the horrible nOOb mistake of leaving his workstation unlocked when he went out on a call and oh, oh…Darryl was there to spot it. Darryl immediately got to work, changing Chris’ home page to some or other porn site, changing the keyboard language to Russian and then finally changing the mouse config to that of a left-handed mouse.

And for the coup d’état?

I got roped in to quickly (i.e. in less than a minute before Chris returned) craft a horror inducing error message on the next machine startup. So I came up with this:

virus prank dialog screen

Nifty, I know! :-3

As a little extra, if you want to mess with your colleagues, but don’t have the time or inclination to do anything elaborate, simply press ctrl+alt+(any arrow key) to flip Window’s screen orientation display depending which arrow key you press. You would be surprised at home many people turn their head to try and read the screen instead of trying to find out how to change it back! (which would be ctrl+alt+up in case you were wondering)

Embarrassing DVD Fun! My Life 21 FEB 2008

lady wearing bright red lipstick getting quite an unexpected surpriseSo we had a rather funny incident at work (for us) the other day. A young Indian researcher brought her laptop in to us for repair, something about the hard drive giving hassles or something like that. She left and the guys proceeded to wrap it up to be sent off to our supplier. On opening the DVD tray to check for any disks that may have been left in the machine, Riethwaan was amused to find a hardcore porn DVD present. As unexpected as this was (and I do mean unexpected based on the girl who had brought the laptop in), we couldn’t just leave the DVD in the machine to be sent off with it, so we had to take it out.

Later that day the girl returned to the office and while she was waiting to be helped, she surreptitiously had a quick check to see if the DVD was still in the laptop because obviously she had realised her mistake by this time already! Unbeknownst to her of course, we were watching her and couldn’t help but laugh when she discovered that the disk wasn’t there anymore. Of course, we haven’t told her about the disk yet and she hasn’t asked, but needless to say we should be in for quite an embarrassing little scenario some time in the near future – unless of course she cuts her losses and ‘forgets’ about it completely! :)

Seriously though, you would be amazed at the amount of personal stuff some people leave lying around on their machines when they bring them in for repairs. There are more than a couple of lecturers and staff that we can’t really look in the eye anymore and there is one old couple in particular that we don’t ever want to see again… one word: wrinkly! O.O

So just a tip for the future: Should you ever need to take anything into any repair shop whatsoever, please make sure that you’ve scrubbed it clean of all… personal… stuff first!

PASS me the salt please My Life 12 SEP 2007

larry soffer magician cape townHad a pretty enjoyable work day yesterday :)

Every year the Commerce Faculty organises a PASS staff luncheon, and this time the ladies from the Accounting department got the chance to host it. (PASS stands for Professional Administrative Support Staff, basically all non academic staff members – people like departmental secretaries, faculty office and the finance office, and even us IT support people). Its a pretty big deal, with yesterdays event costing around R35 000 it is rumoured. It attracts a huge amount of sponsors and is basically quite a looked forward to day here in the faculty.

The venue selected this year was the picturesque Suikerbossie Restaurant, a place that offers large buffet meals and caters to a lot of weddings and other events. It is nestled between Hout Bay and Llandudno Beach, along what is probably one of the most scenic and breathtaking drives in South Africa.

This years lunch was superbly organised. On arrival, every staff member was given a name tag, a luck draw number, a R100 Clicks gift voucher and a huge goodie bag, containing a number of varied items from sponsors. Each table was decorated to the full, from balloons to streamers and every sitting had a little bag of chocolates and a welcome message placed before it.

Starters was a variety of breads and spreads, ranging from humus to snoek pate. The main course (buffet) consisted of lamb and chicken, a lot of varied starches, salads and veggies, and dessert was a selection of delicious cream cakes and ice cream. Entertainment consisted of a hired magician (Larry Soffer) that wandered amongst the tables, showing off all his various tricks and sleight of hand (though he could have done without the long balloon swallowing trick – it drew a lot of dirty gay jokes from our table :) What made it even better was when he pulled one over Kyle – that alone made it worth my while to attend!). Frank from Finance and Ops impressed us with his guitar and singing skills as well.

Another nice touch was the minor lucky draw they held – ever number that had been handed out on entry was in fact attached to a prize. The prizes were plentiful and rather varied, from kitchen goodies packets to beanies and gloves, with me walking away clutching a peak cap, t-shirt and a 1gb flash drive

There was also a major luck draw that featured 12 prizes which ranged in value from R500 to just over R1500. Unfortunately I didnt manage to snag one of those beauties, but my colleague Jason managed to get an overnight stay at the Protea hotel in Glen Cairn, breakfast included. Lucky bugger. Kyle immediately said that hes not going to give him leave for it though :)

It was a wonderfully organised day and I think everyone that attended really enjoyed it. So thanks to the Commerce faculty and especially the ladies from the Accounting department that went out of their way to organise it.

It was a bit suspicious though that just about everyone around the Accounting table walked away with one of the big prizes. Yet another conspiracy theory for us to deal with then.

Beer = No work ethic My Life 24 AUG 2007

Whew, I’m disappointed in myself. Kyle (the big boss, emphasis on big) took us out to lunch today as a reward for performing so well in our annual Commerce IT staff survey. As per usual we headed off to Forries (the only place Kyle ever goes. And I do mean ever). The food was pretty good, and we did spend about three hours there (meaning that I’m not getting any work done this afternoon!) but the thing I’m moaning about is the fact that I’m sitting here, finally back in the office, feeling very tipsy with the start of a hangover already.

After only three castle drafts!

Large ones yes, but only three! I can see I haven’t been drinking for a while. Getting a bit light under the belt here eh? Going to have to go into serious training if I want to avoid feeling this kak again after only three beers. Oh, I am SO not looking forward to driving home in an hour’s time :(

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