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MRP.com: Win Double Your Basket Back Competition
[Partner Content] 21 JUN 2014

Mr Price’s online store MRP.com is once again running a great promotion for all you clothes shoppers out there, basically offering you the chance to win back double the value of your basket following any online purchase from now through to 13 July.

Me, I’m kind of fondly looking at the rather sylish Harrington Jacket they have on sale at the moment.

mr price mrp.com double your basket competition

And while you’re at it, don’t forget about the Mr Price mobile app that was released a handful of weeks ago – a definite fashion best buddy. It lets you browse Mr Price’s full range from your phone or tablet, build your own virtual wardrobe and if your closest store doesn’t have an item in your size – no problem just scan the code and find another store that does!

In other words, rather nifty.

(Please note that this is a Sponsored Post, placed via the MyScoop blog advertising network.)

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Win a Winter Getaway with Mr Price!
[Partner Content] 03 JUN 2014

I don’t know about you, but now that we’ve hit the middle of the year, I KNOW that I could do with a nice break from work! This is probably why the latest promotion from the house of Mr Price sounds so tempting:

Need to escape the grind of the office? A weekend away is probably just what you need to recharge the batteries. We’re talking lazy afternoon braais, pool at the local pub, drinks under the stars and hey, some new gear wouldn’t hurt either.

Mr Price have an epic collection of winter menswear featuring long-sleeved tees, fleece pullovers for easy layering, and sherpa-lined jackets – ideal for those chilly days. There’s also loads of printed and check shirts that’ll take you straight from the office and onto the road in style. If it’s denim you’re after, you’ll find jeans with distressed details and paneled button-ups with worn-in washes.

Right. Just about ready to hit the dusty trail? Then, you’ll want to enter this! Mr Price are offering you the chance to win a weekend getaway for you and three mates – Head to MRP.COM and let them know whether you’d prefer a ‘Berg, beach or bush experience’.

No matter which one you choose, one thing’s for sure – this will be an adventure to remember!

chilling around the campfire

mr price logo

I dunno about you, but I certainly don’t mind putting my hand up for that! :)

(Please note that this is a Sponsored Post, placed via the MyScoop blog advertising network.)

Competition Link: Mr Price Winter Getaway Competition

Awesome Win: Me and Afrihost Mobile Data Hardware | My Life 11 SEP 2013

So I was a pretty lucky boy recently – entered a Twitter competition and won a prize: A free Afrihost-branded Huawei MiFi device with a 5 GB of mobile data thrown in for a couple of months as well!

If you’re an Afrihost fan like I am, then undoubtedly you will by now know all about their leap into the world of mobile data – basically they’ve extended their already significant use of MTN infrastructure by now offering Afrihost-branded SIM cards for mobile data use, jumping into the mobile connectivity pie with some very attractively priced packages and devices – for those of us looking for decent Internet connectivity anytime and anywhere.

Anyway, after a short wait after first hearing the news, I received a call from one of the Milkrun courier drivers informing that they were on their way – so I got together the requisite RICA documents (basically a copy of your ID book and latest proof of address) and awaited their arrival.

After handing over my documents for verification and receiving in return my cardboard clad package, I walked back inside, plonked down on the couch and unboxed my very welcome prize, yielding the following contents:

afrihost mobile data mifi huawei 3g modem device

I have to say, getting it up and running is ridiculously simple. Snap the provided SIM card and the battery into the device, close it up and hit the power button – that’s it, nothing else to do. Enable WiFi on your phone or tablet and connect to the Afrihost access point (the password is printed on the inside of the device casing) – right, and that’s it.

Dead simple.

The device is a Huawei E5331 MiFi, basically a 3G Wi-Fi device that sports a five hour battery life (if you don’t want to connect to a power source), capable of supporting 8 device WiFi connections and with a maximum supported download speed of 21 mbps. It’s sleek, it’s pretty, and it works like a charm.

And the network connection is pretty usable as well I might add. I’m getting between 5 and 10 mbps download here in Gordon’s Bay, much faster than the 1 mbps uncapped Afrihost/Telkom line I currently have installed here at home.

So overall I have to say I’m impressed. Afrihost’s Clientzone makes managing your package a breeze and the device plus network really deliver in terms of connectivity, just as they are advertised to.

In other words, a damn nice prize to have won! :)

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Hey, All of a Sudden I’m a Winna Winner! My Life 24 NOV 2010

Hey, how did that happen? I blinked and all of a sudden I became a winna winner!

Thanks to the blokes over at the excellent xboxgaming.com, my name was drawn out of the digital hat and I get to walk away with a cool hamper and copy of WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 for the XBOX 360!

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Ultimate Bobotie Showdown! My Life 26 JAN 2010

Seeing as we hadn’t done it for quite a bit, last Thursday evening Chantelle and I invited our two sets of folks over for supper with us in Gordon’s Bay, with Chantelle eagerly piquing her mom’s interest by declaring it to be a bobotie evening for a change.

Now for those of you who don’t know, bobotie has traditionally been one of those age old disputes between Chantelle and Cheryl, with each claiming that theirs is by far better than the other’s, meaning that this was at last a great setting to try and settle this feud once and for all.

(And what better timing than just before each is to submit their bobotie recipe to the Sarie’s SA’s Best Bobotie Competition anyway?)

Luckily for her, Chantelle just happened to be off on Thursday, thus giving her plenty of time to prepare the pad and cook up her storm in a pyrex dish, meaning that by the time I got home everything was pretty much done and all that was needed now was the arrival of the parentals – who naturally, well… arrived.

Plenty of wine, chatter and catching up led us eventually all the way through to dinner time and once again Chantelle had completely outdone herself, as proved by the lovingly taken table shot second from the bottom in the list of photos below. Seeing as it was such a beautiful evening once again, we ate supper with half of us outside and half inside, but with all the doors flung wide open in order to capture the best of the weather while Gordon’s Bay reigned in its infamous wind for a change.

Once sated and all sitting with a big grin on our faces, Chantelle promptly announced that it was time for the taste-testing challenge to commence and hauling out Cheryl’s sample which had co-incidentally been baked the previous evening for the Montgomery clan supper, she set about digging out her sleeping mask and creating the anonymous samples which she then duly administrated in a blind taste test setup to each and every one of us present, including Cheryl herself.

Now to cut a story short, Chantelle took the honours in a very one-sided 4 votes to 1 showing, with the single vote for Cheryl’s bobotie coming from Cheryl herself, all of which lead to a ridiculously funny victory dance from Chantelle and a sigh from Monty who realized that sleeping on the couch once back home was now very much a rather strong possibility.

Needless to say, I was rather proud of my wifey! :)

(Not that she was quite finished yet mind you. After all the victory celebrations, out came the coffee and cake, the cake being one of the most richest, most decadent chocolate cakes I’ve yet to come across, a cake that quite simply belongs on one of those glass platters sitting there in an exclusive little coffee shop at the top of Kloof street. It was seriously that good!)

Chantelle showing off her skills in the kitchen

The world's most decadent chocolate cake, fit for kings and a most worthy dessert item. Truly you could only manage a single piece of this rich monster...

The evening's bobotie-centric spread - I don't think anyone could disapprove.

A closeup of the bobotie dish that was to once and for all, settle the age old dispute between mother and daughter as to whose bobotie was the best! Naturally the daughter took it! :)

To Pose like a Captain General Nonsense | My Life 11 DEC 2009

captain-morganHrumph. Seeing as Chantelle’s folks are urging her on to enter Die Burger’s Bruid van die Jaar competition (and will probably enter on her behalf when she isn’t looking), I thought I’d better start scratching around to find something that I could enter just in case she wins and I’m left feeling like a complete and utter loser.

Thankfully though I think I’ve got just the ticket: An entry for Captain Morgan’s Extreme Pose-off competition. Besides, as you can see below, I’ve already got the picture and everything! Surely this should make a good entry, don’t you think?

After all, having a woman sitting so close to a pose like that is pretty extreme, wouldn’t you agree? :P


Funakoshi National Championships and I (In Pictures!) Martial Arts | My Life 16 SEP 2009

Of course, I first blogged regarding the 2009 Funakoshi National Championships held in Somerset West quite some time ago already, but the other day Maria (who also trains at the Gordon’s Bay Funakoshi dojo) alerted me to the fact that a whole heap of photos have finally gone up on the main South African Funakoshi website as well, so of course as a trained blogger I feel the unshakable urge to point you guys to them as well!

So with no further ado, all point your browsers here: www.funakoshi.co.za/news01August2009.html

Back again? Good.

Of course, this post would be horrible short if I didn’t post some of the pictures right here and now, and so I’ve decided to pull a couple showing me in my full (unfortunately) “glory”! I must however warn you at this point that these images are unfortunately not suitable for sensitive viewers as I am rather ugly, fat and with a bad haircut in all of these that I appear in! You have been warned. :D

Craig Lotter versus Gerrit Funakoshi Karate
Look mom, there I am! The guy in the red belt in case you don’t recognise me! Actually, this was to be my only win on the day, confusing the judges into choosing me and my kata over training partner Gerrit and his! :) Ah, good times indeed.

Craig Lotter versus Ian Funakoshi Karate
Scarily, this photo is a stark reminder as to just how much I hate the fact my dogi shrank in the wash (and the fact that my belly is so big at the moment!). However, despite my ‘show tummy flesh’ tactic, it wasn’t enough to put off training partner Ian who went on to win the points match. (His clear height advantage really paid off for him here). Note bearded Ryan standing there looking on while resting against the pillar… just in case it falls over of course!

And now to something completely arb of course…

Gert versus Ken Funakoshi Karate
On the left is black belt sempai Gert, Birgitt’s husband, but more importantly on the right is the karateka all the swooning, drooling females nicknamed ‘Ken’ for the day. Note his particular height disadvantage (ignore is chiselled features and well groomed hair) and then take into account that he is one damn good fighter and karateka overall – in other words a man that I can really look level to! (Yes, this is a quip about my lack of vertical length)

Barbie Funakoshi Karate
And just because, I’ve included a picture of the karateka that was dubbed ‘Barbie’ for the day (the one on the left in case you were wondering). Unfortunately her face is rather red thanks to taking quite a few blows to it by this stage of the fight, and as you can well imagine, there were plenty of calls from the male crowd to the effect of “Noooo! Not the face, not the face!” with each falling blow. (Actually it ended up being a damn good match to watch – can’t remember who won though…)

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A Royal Cock-Up My Life | Sport & Health 06 JUN 2008

BadmintonI don’t usually sleep around, hell, I don’t think I’ve slept around at all since going out with Chantelle, but last night, last night was different…

…I slept over at my mom’s place.

Why, you might be asking at this point? Well, not for any sinister reason I assure you. The Bellvile Methodist Church hall is currently housing around 150 odd destitute xenophobic victims, which obviously means that the weekly social badminton held there every Thursday evening and Monday morning has been put on hold indefinitely. However, the ever intrepid Aunty Elsa came up with a neat little solution – set up a friendly social match with the nearby Bellville badminton club, whose headquarters sit in 8th Avenue Boston.

Now to make up a team you need six players, three male and three female, and with my dad out on crutches after undergoing a knee operation this week and mom also out with a niggle, Claire and myself found ourselves being asked to fill in and help out.

Now I am currently at the lowest point of fitness that I have experienced in my life and haven’t been on a court (for any sport) in literally months, but nevertheless, I immediately agreed to help out and joined up with Ryan and Claire at mom’s place last night, before heading out to the match location.

On entering the premises, I was more than pleasantly surprised to recognize at least six or so people I used to play with back at Sanlam when I still played league, way back in the early 2000s. Of course, having undergone quite a few dramatic changes to my appearance, not a single one of them recognized or recalled me, but still, it was good to see them and catch up a little on what they had been up to over these last couple of years.

Our team for the night consisted of Elsa, Colleen and Claire for the ladies, while Ryan, Nicky and I made up the men, and all were eager for a little court action. Unfortunately for us social bumpkins, picking a fight, albeit a social fight, with a league playing team is not the greatest of ideas, especially if you normally play on a court that has almost no space around it, has a fairly low ceiling, and you play with plastic shuttlecocks. No, these opponents are the type of opponents that take the game seriously – with or without the ‘social’ tag.

Firstly, the use of feather shuttlecocks was a prerequisite. Now for any of you who have played the game with both types before, you will know the huge difference in weight and thus playing style and timing that comes with playing with feather instead of plastic. Now for me it isn’t that much of a problem because I used to play with feather back in my league days, but for some of the others it was pretty much their first time knocking about a feather in match conditions.

Of course, the diffenerce in level between the two sides was always going to be great (never judge a badminton player by their age – often the older you get, the better your placement gets, and thus the easier it is to win games) and it was thus no surprise that we lost all of our games in the end. Out of all of us, probably only Colleen stood a good chance of winning her singles games, but unfortunately for her, lack of match fitness cost her and she lost her nerve and in doing so lost the match.

Ryan and Nicky didn’t do too horribly in the men’s doubles, but they were dealt with easily enough, while Claire and Elsa went down fairly quickly in the ladies’ doubles, only putting up a bit of fight in the second game. Elsa asked me to play the singles, which a year or two wouldn’t have been a problem, but in my current state of health, it probably was not the greatest of ideas.

Funnily enough, despite the new scoring system that they used (which none of us were familiar with), I actually managed to win my first game, but I was huffing and puffing so much that I thought I might die of a heart-attack there and then! (As it was, I even had to deal with a stitch in my side at one point in the match!) Unfortunately, from that point onwards it was pretty much all downhill, as once again my bum knee gave out on me during an early point in the second game (you play the best of three) when I had to hustle to pick up a short shot. And with the knee blown, there went the game with it.

The mixed doubles didn’t fare any better unfortunately, with Ryan and Elsa going down (but after a good fight) and Colleen and Nicky also losing out. Claire and I played together for a change, and although we normally play quite nicely together, my immobility cost us heavily as we spent most of the games trying to come up with tactics in which Claire was responsible for most of the covering work. A lot of unforced and positioning errors later, and we were down and out for the count.

Despite the losses that we suffered, I at least can take some consolation in the fact that I managed to chow through at least half of their tube of new shuttles, four or five of which had to be replaced during our singles games alone! True, it was mostly my opponent that kept switching between shuttles because he wasn’t happy (generally as soon as he lost two or more points in a row), but secretly I know that my slicing action on the feathers WAS the main cause for the shuttlecocks’ early demise! :)

The actual badminton aside, the people we played against last night were really friendly and welcoming, and once all the games had been said and done, it was time for a nice round of tea and cake to end off the evening, a practice I remember from the good old league days. From there it was back to mom’s place where Ryan and I stayed up past midnight, battling each other in both PES 2008 and Table Tennis, with Ryan gaining the upper hand in almost all of the clashes :( (But don’t worry, I’m starting to get used to the Xbox controller at last! Next time it will be a different story, I promise!)

I have to admit, last night was tons of fun, and I didn’t realize just how much I missed this part of my life. Now that I am far removed from Bellville, all my badminton and squash activities are no more, with the result that I am now completely and utterly court unfit. Add a bum knee into the mix and you are left with a very depressed Craig. The most frustrating thing about last night was the fact that I know that my singles (and doubles) games would have been a walk in the park a year or two ago, but that I severely let myself down by having let my body down as much as I have this last year or so.

Yes, I keep saying “oh my knee this” and “oh my knee that” and yes, it is the truth because that has been a major problem for me, but I also know that when it gets to the nitty gritty of the matter, I really only have myself to blame. Hopefully last night’s excruciatingly poor performance will be enough of a kickstart to get me back to where I once was in terms of fitness, if not perhaps a little better. One can only hope.

In any event, last night’s badminton was really fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Hopefully Aunty Elsa doesn’t drag her feet too long and organizes another social match – and more importantly – they need me to fill in for them again! :)