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PathCare Complaint Resolved My Life 24 MAY 2011

A little while ago I posted about an issue we had with PathCare revolving around a stale claim from Jessica’s NICU jaunt which the medical aid had eventually turned down, forcing them to instead turn to us and try and squeeze the money directly from yours truly.

Well I am happy to now report that after my e-mail to the accounts department and report placed on the infamous hellopeter.com consumer service website, prompt action from the PathCare customer relations department saw to it that I was immediately notified, kept in the loop and at the end of the day, was allowed to sigh a big breath of relief with Discovery deciding to honour the claim after all, leaving us with only the happy job of taking that nasty PathCare final notice letter and shredding it for good!

So thank you for that PathCare and Discovery, most definitely much appreciated.

(That said, I can’t rest just yet. Now I’ve caught wind of an unpaid stale claim from some JC Hunter group to the tune of R6,000 – meaning that pretty shortly it will once again be time to whip out the typewriter and call on our good friend hellopeter.com…)

Fiat’s Number 1 Unsatisfied Customer! General Nonsense | Jokes & other Funny Stuff 18 DEC 2009

I was driving into Gordon’s Bay through Strand last Saturday, happily day-dreaming in the traffic when I noticed that the bakkie in front of me had an inordinate amount of advertising lettering plastered all over its back-end. Intrigued by all this bold and colourful lettering, I edged my way in, right up to his backside and couldn’t help but guffaw out aloud when I finally read exactly what all the advertising, or rather anti-advertising said!

Needless to say, the guys at Fiat SA, or Droomers for that matter, cannot be happy with him at all – but like they say, if you want bad service, then DON’T complain!

(And his campaign certainly worked on at least one person – no way I’m going to be buying one of those crappy Fiat Strada bakkies any time soon after seeing all of that!)


The guy has even gone as far as putting up a small little website in the Strada’s dishonour – hit the link for more: http://www.whynot2buy.co.za/ (but come right back, ‘kay?)


Olympus, Bloody and Bruised My Life 08 DEC 2009

olympus-cat-on-the-tvSo Olympus was attacked yesterday, I learned from Chantelle on stepping into my home last night. Apparently the big scraggy dog and his little annoying yapping partner managed to scrag Olympus some time during the day, causing Achilles to completely disappear for most of the day and leaving Olympus a bloody mess, with visible bite marks on both of his back legs and at least two claws completely ripped out of his poor, pained paws.

Shame, the tyke was completely on edge, jumpy if you must, and feeling quite sorry for himself, though after more than just a fair bit of love and care last night, he seems to be back to his inquisitive self this morning – after all, who doesn’t like greeting Craig in bed and having him get up in order to fill the cat pellets bowl!

Thanks to Tessa (yes, that Tessa, you should have known), Chantelle got all the details of the attack, including the names and address of the dogs owners and come today, she’s going to take them on because quite frankly, if you can’t control your dogs then you shouldn’t be allowing them to roam freely on communal ground in the first place.

The cats were attacked in our backyard, which means that they weren’t the ones causing trouble (for a change to be fair) – oh no, it was those damn mangy mutts that were sniffing around where they aren’t supposed to be that once again proved to be the problem at hand, so hopefully these people will listen to what we have to say and at least keep their dogs on leashes if they are to venture outside in the open.

Unfortunately, dogs are always a problem in complexes as far as I’m concerned. Fine if they stay indoors all day long, but as it is, I’ve already heard someone complaining to the neighbour above about their puppy that incessantly whines all day long while the owner isn’t home – now if only those same people would do something about their noisy water pipes that seem intent on disturbing Chantelle’s sleep at 04:00 in the morning every day as well!

Oh well, at least Olympus seems back on his feet this morning – but I am left with a question though – does anyone know if his claws will eventually grow back? Or has my cat been permanently de-clawed? O.O