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Is that a Xbox One next to my TV? Games Notes | My Life 14 JAN 2016

I upgraded relatively late from my PS2 to a Xbox 360, only picking one up in December 2009 – which coincidentally is still running strong. Similarly, it was only in 2012 (again December) that I finally signed up to Xbox Live Gold properly.

So with that sort of late adopter history to bear in mind, it made sense for me to hang back a bit for the Xbox One upgrade – and now a full year after it’s South African release, I found myself crippled with an severed tendon above the knee and at the beginning of December month – so naturally I ordered a Xbox One to keep me company!

xbox one bought by craig lotter from takealot

Given the way that I play games, i.e. I buy, install, play, delete, I worked out that the 500GB version of the console will work just fine for me, and as such, spotted that Takealot were selling the FIFA 16 bundle console for R5,499.

Pleasingly, the delivery was pretty swift, and luckily for me, Ryan was on hand for a visit, meaning that he could set the thing up in the lounge while I dutifully watched from the chair that has been my prison for over a month now.

xbox one fifa 16 women soccer

In all honestly, I’m kind of underwhelmed with the Xbox One experience – I guess I was just expected a much bigger jump in terms of speed, graphics and snappiness, but to be fair, the Xbox 360 had gotten pretty awesome towards the end of its duty, and so maybe I’m still a little blinded and can’t see just how awesome the new generation actually is.

That said, other than the exceedingly slow download/install speeds (a recognised problem for the console), it does everything that I want (even if it is not the prettiest of boxes to look at), and now thanks to the brilliant Xbox 360 backwards compatibility mode, I have a pretty decent library of games to tackle.

xbox one valiant hearts

Oh, and the four free games a month courtesy of my Xbox Live Gold subscription helps as well.

Cool. As always, my username is CraigLotter, if you’re keen for a bit of FIFA 16 battling…

(I’m far too bad at shooters and fighting games to put out any sort of challenge on those fronts!)

xbox one killer instinct tomahawks

How to Install VMware Tools in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Server (from your VMware Host) Tips, Tricks and Tutorials 25 NOV 2013

ubuntu orange logoI was asked to install VMware Tools on one of our older Ubuntu server VMs (10.04 LTS) running on a fairly new vSphere install. It took a little while to find the right instructions to achieve this, but in the end the process itself is pretty simple.

Once you are in your vSphere list of servers, right click and open a console on the target server due the tools installation. Log in as a normal user and make sure you have the required packages for building VMware Tools:

sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-`uname -r` psmisc

From the console window, select VM->Install VM Tools. This will technically mount a CD image on the VM, though I found on a server you need to manually manage the actual mount:

# make a mount point if needed :
sudo mkdir /media/cdrom

# Mount the CD
sudo mount /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom

With the read-only CD now available to you, copy over the VMWareTools archive and extract it in a usable location:

# Copy and extract VMWareTools

sudo cp /media/cdrom/VMwareTools*.tar.gz ~

# Extract the archive's contents

tar xvf ~/VMwareTools*.tar.gz

Now all you need to do is execute the install script, and to make your life particularly easy, you should be able to get away with choosing the default answers to all the questions (in other words, just hit the ENTER key at each and every prompt).

cd ~/vmware-tools-distrib
sudo ./vmware-install.pl

And that’s pretty much it. Note, you’ll have to have some space available in the /boot folder for this to work, but yeah, pretty simple stuff.

Of course, if you don’t have access to your VMware host, then there are other ways of installing VMware tools

Xbox 360 Just Got Cheaper Again! Games 06 OCT 2008

microsoft xbox 360 consoleNice! Microsoft released word today that they are lowering the estimated retail price (ERP) for the entire Xbox 360 range here in South Africa, with immediate effect.

So your local shops should pretty soon be advertising the standard Xbox 360 which comes with a 60GB hard drive and one wireless controller for R2 699.99. The Xbox 360 Elite, which comes with a 120GB hard drive, will have an ERP of R 3 499.99 and the entry level Xbox 360 Arcade console will have an ERP of R1 799.99.

Apparently Microsoft are pushing hard to grab as much of the console market share here in South Africa as soon as possible, probably in an effort to avoid making the same mistake and losing out completely to SONY in the previous generation console wars. (True, they never really fought the battle here in South Africa last time, but still, they should have)

Currently the Xbox 360 is the lowest priced next generation console on the market, beating out the heavily priced SONY PlayStation 3 and the significantly overpriced Nintendo Wii. Hell, with the latest price cut, the Xbox 360 Arcade just about beats the old PlayStation 2 price as well!

Now if I was Microsoft, my next step would be to develop a motion control system of their own, thereby cancelling out the Wii’s only nifty feature that makes it attractive in the first place. If they could do this, then Microsoft would well and truly control the landscape here on our sunny shores… though one wishes they would hurry and pull their socks up by now: Just where the hell is South Africa’s very own Xbox LIVE experience?


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