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Lens Solution

Oh dear. I woke up yesterday morning with my eyes feeling particularly puffy, irritated and glued shut. The more worrying part was that I could see perfectly fine, which if you put two and two together, means that I made… Continue Reading →

So Chantelle Can See Clearly Now (Well Almost Anyway)

I’m jealous. I won’t lie, I’m insanely jealous. My lucky wife now no longer has to fight with contact lenses in the morning, complain as Jessica tries to grab the spectacles off her face for the umpteenth time, and can… Continue Reading →

Treading Painfully

These two cracks make it seriously painful to walk around on, and if it wasn’t for Chantelle’s great thinking of placing those awesome “winged” plasters over the bottoms of my feet, I would still be hobbling around with a grimace permanently stuck on my face!

Barking Mad

Aargh! I am so pissed off at this moment. The day really started out great this morning, but it has now deteriorated (rapidly I might add) into a hellhole. First my left eyes contact lens goes the way of the… Continue Reading →

An Eye for Disaster

Did you know that dry eyes, slightly sharp nails and eyes that dont want to fully open dont work so well with contact lenses? The other evening I thought I have ripped my eyeball out whilst removing my contact lens from the left eye.

Insertion Success

Finally! Finally I have come up with a more efficient way of inserting these damn contact lenses. Where in the past I would do this by using a mirror, I’ve discovered it is far more easier and I get a… Continue Reading →


Monday morning I experienced something I haven’t experienced in a very long time. Cape Town has the most glorious winter weather sometimes. The skies are grey and overcast, the wind will lie still and a soft drizzle will permeate the… Continue Reading →


So much for the joys of contact lenses – I’ve managed to lose one within a day. Probably not a world record, but it still made me feel like an idiot. *sigh*

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