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Photo Gallery: Jessica Birthday Surprise (2012-11-14)

We didn’t really celebrate on Jessica’s birthday seeing as it was a weekday, but we did wake her up in her cot with a surprise cupcake and candles combo. Needless to say, she still needs to get the hang of… Continue Reading →

Squirmy Wormy Lotter

Nowadays, Jessica is actually a lot less squirmy worm in her cot when she sleeps, meaning that we now seldom arrive in her room the next morning and have to launch an area wide search of the cot to locate… Continue Reading →

Photo Gallery: Jessica Unable to Stay Still in her Cot (2011-03-19)

Squirmy wormy Lotter at her best in the cot!

Photo Gallery: Jessica versus Her Sleeping Position in the Cot (2011-01-29)

Jessica certainly likes to wriggle around in her cot during sleepy time!

Cat in the Cot

Anyway, back to the snapshot at hand. Despite the fact that we did buy our little white cot second hand and for a very good price from a lady out in Somerset West (transported back in Whammy’s bakkie with me sitting on the back holding onto it for dear life), it will definitely need to be tested to ensure it provides a quality resting place for our baby girl.

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