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For Sale: Coricraft 2 Seater Slip Cover Couch – R3,000

Please note that this item has since been sold and is no longer available for purchase. We’re turning our television area into a work space for my wife’s business, meaning that our beautiful Coricraft couch has got to go. We… Continue Reading →

The Tragedy of Owning White Couches

I had to laugh, but in a crying way last night. Back in 2010 we were very excited to welcome our brand spanking new, super squishy (and expensive) couches from Coricraft into our home. Chantelle had won our epic battle… Continue Reading →

Jessica Chatting to Me whilst Eating the Couch

A hungry and slightly tired Jessica talks to me while attempting to nibble away at the tasty couch. I know, I know, she inherits this strange behaviour from me. Or at least that is what everyone else thinks… And another… Continue Reading →

Kirsty, Come Sit Over Here

So let it be known that Chantelle and I started 2010 off by heading out on Saturday January the 2nd and purchasing our very first sofa set, with the delivery date set at February 15.

I need a Bib

Honestly, I need a bib – or a very large apron. Since meeting Chantelle, my consumption of red wine has dramatically increased. I always used to be a white wine drinker, which was a perfect match for me because white… Continue Reading →

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