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David Finch: The Waking #1 Cover (2010) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 18 MAY 2013

Writer Raven Gregory with the help of artist Vic Drujiniu and Zenescope Entertainment unleashed the four part Zombie miniseries The Waking early 2010.

From their release note: In the big city, four police detectives investigating two routine murders discover that the victims of these crimes are coming back from the dead in search of those responsible for their murders. Now the detectives are in a race against time to find the source of the recent “wakings.” Meanwhile, a father with an incredible ability must choose between avenging his daughter’s death or losing her forever.

Zenescope Entertainment tries something new by stepping away from their usual Babe in Lingerie format of cover artwork and instead employ the fantastic David Finch to paint up this eerie and atmospheric bit of hauntingly beautiful cover art.

Kevin Walker: 2000AD #1453 Cover (2005) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 11 AUG 2012

Comic book artist Kevin Walker has gone through a number of different styles over the years, but the one thing that has remained constant is his ability to deliver some iconic Judge Dredd pieces.

This particularly moody, styled cover featured on prog 1453, announcing the start of the equally dark Mandroid thriller story arc.

Trevor Hairsine: X-Men: Deadly Genesis Cover (2006) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 24 MAR 2012

From writer Ed Brubaker arose 2006’s X-Men: Deadly Genesis, which pitted the team against a mysterious and deadly enemy who originated out of the team’s very own history and had returned to take them on from outer space, following the events of the epic House of M storyline. (Hint, it was Vulcan).

Artist Trevor Hairsine handled the interior pencils on the book, and although his was not the official cover to the first issue of the series, he did get to produce one of the two variant covers in which the book was also published, with his focusing on everyone’s favourite hairy and quite stocky X-man, Wolverine.

Looking at the one they went with as the official cover compared to his Wolverine depiction, well let us just say that this is one of those silly editorial decisions that I just don’t get!

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Mike Mignola: X-Men Classic #58 Cover (1991) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 04 FEB 2012

Always eager to make some money off their huge back issue archive, Marvel at one stage had a dig through their old X-Men archives, pulled a couple of great story arcs from the vault and commissioned some new cover art to wrap it in before making a further $1.25 off old material. Certainly not the worst business plan ever, and actually something I quite appreciated because it meant access to classic story lines I would otherwise never be exposed to!

For issue 58 which was a reprint of 1982’s Uncanny X-Men #154 featuring the X-Men and Corsair taking on a horde of Sidrian Hunters, Hellboy superstar creator Mike Mignola got assigned the job of producing a new cover for the reprint, and so he whipped up this particularly dynamic piece in his classic heavily shadowed style, depicting a stressed group of Storm, Cyclops and Corsair, as they huddle together against a seemingly endless barrage of insidious Sidrian Hunters!

Greg Land: Jenna Jameson’s Shadow Hunter #1 Cover (2008) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 28 JAN 2012

In 2008 Virgin Comics (before the name change to Liquid Comics) pushed out the four issue mini-series Jenna Jameson’s Shadow Hunter as part of their Voices imprint, basically designed to let celebrities dream up their own comic book story lines. Plotted in conjunction with Jenna Jameson herself, Christina Z handled the typewriter on this particular outing, backed up with interior art from Makesh Singh.

As expected, issue 1 shipped with numerous variant edition covers, one of them being this particular piece of art from controversial comic book artist, Greg Land, best known for his work on X-Men, Birds of Prey and Fantastic Four… and of course for his unapologetic heavy use of nude photo references and models.

Still, this one turned out pretty well.

Frazer Irving: Judge Death – My Name is Death Cover (2005) (Reprint) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 21 JAN 2012

British comic book artist Frazer Irving has turned out to be somewhat of a premiere horror artist, churning out some fiendishly good work for 2000 AD in the past, before going on to make some big waves in the American comic book scene.

Apart from his acclaimed black and white art on Necronauts and his more groovy pencils on the psychedelic Storming Heaven, Frazer Irving also provided the haunting visuals for John Wagner’s Judge Death: My Name is Death and Judge Death: The Wilderness Days story lines.

And of course, when the time came around to collect My Name is Death as a trade paperback, what better to wrap it in than this fantastically dark image courtesy of Mr. Irving!

Bart Sears and Mark Pennington: Rogue Trooper #15 Cover (1987) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 14 JAN 2012

Although a staple in the comic book market back home in Britain, 2000 AD has always traditionally struggled to get a proper foothold or even liking in the American comic book market, though it certainly hasn’t been for the lack of trying. In the 1980’s Quality Comics decided to produce a full colour reprint and repackaging of some classic 2000 AD Rogue Trooper stories for a wider market, ending up with a 37 issue run on their hands and more importantly, introducing some great cover art from the now comic book veteran, Bart Sears.

And as you can see for yourself, picking Sears (with a little help from inker Mark Pennington) to do the classic lone soldier depiction was certainly an inspired choice!

Eric Basaldua and Nei Ruffino: Salem’s Daughter #0 Cover (2009) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 07 JAN 2012

Zenescope, known for their usually provocative cover art featuring scantily clad women, unleashed Salem’s Daughter in 2009, written by Ralph Tedesco with interior artwork from Caio Menescal.

From their release notes: The Salem witch trials of 1692 resulted in the hangings of 19 women and men. Over the years many came to realize that the trials were perhaps done in haste with no hard evidence of witchcraft being used by any of the accused.

Two hundred years later, Anna Williams, is living a regular uneventful life in Essex County, Massachusetts. But there is more to Anna than meets the eye… much more.

Now Anna is beginning to discover her unique powers and knows her life will never be the same as she reluctantly decides to follow her true calling. And a hardened and bitter gunslinger named Braden Cole is the one man who can help her along the way.

The series kicked off numbered with zero issue, and this first in the series featured a fantastic wraparound cover featuring some very angry and fiery ladies courtesy of the art team of Eric Basaldua and Nei Ruffino.


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Eric Jones: Inferno #1 Cover (2010) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 31 DEC 2011

2010 saw Zenescope release what it described as Jacob’s Ladder meets The Long Kiss Goodnight – Inferno, by writer Ralph Tedesco and featuring art by Gabriel Rearte.

From their release note for issue 1: Grace is lost and restless in a big city where her nightmares seem all too real. Suffering from a form of amnesia, she only feels empty and confused. Her therapist over-medicates, her boss sexually harasses her and her boyfriend beats her. The world is quickly closing in around Grace but when she learns the truth of her past she might just find the power within to redeem her life and battle her demons, no matter how real they might be.

This particularly haunting and beautiful piece of variant cover art was whipped up by the talented Eric Jones.

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