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Cricket and Cupcakes My Life 30 APR 2013

Had a pretty enjoyable weekend I must say, so much so that I’m feeling kind of energised as I step into the new week (of course, the fact that Wednesday is a public holiday certainly doesn’t hurt!).

Friday night wasn’t anything special, with Chantelle picking up on baking after Jessica went to bed, leaving me to roam about and entertain myself, the end result being taking in the new Iron Man: Technovore movie on my new tablet, which went well for the first half of the movie, but not so great for the second half, as Chantelle’s recollection of my epic snoring can attest to.

Saturday was an early start as we packed up for the weekend and drove through to Bellville, first to pop in and have a look around at the funky little food and craft market held at D’Aria in Durbanville, before heading over to our old market stomping ground at Willowbridge Mall, just to see how everyone is doing on that side of the world.

The afternoon was reserved for a braai with friends at Ryan’s pad, and although both Jessica and Ryan would only join the group a little bit later on, all the usual suspects were there and we enjoyed a relaxing afternoon outside on Ryan’s backyard lawn, braaing, playing cricket and in general just letting the toddlers tear about while the adults played a little catch up (It feels like ages since the last time we all met up for an official gathering!). Some FIFA rounded off the gathering for the guys, and the winning funniest moment of the day was without a doubt awarded to Ryan for his scaling of his neighbour’s wall using a rickety ladder, just in time to see Karl hop over, retrieve the ball, and return to the yard, just as Ryan finally managed to make his landing on the other side!

Supper was had at Monty and Cheryl’s place, and while Chantelle then proceeded to decorate cupcakes late into the night, I entertained myself by draining my tablet’s battery via some full-on game playing, eventually turning in for the night for some much deserved rest time.

train at century city natural goods market

Sunday was a super early morning for Chantelle and myself, as we silently stirred, packed up the car, left Jessica still sleeping in Robert’s room, and headed out to Century City, where we set up stall at the always delightful Century City Natural Goods Market, having finally cracked the nod following the withdrawal of their usual cake provider for the day. This being the last market for the Summer season, it was pleasing to see such a good turnout, and as always the vibe was awesome, plenty of interesting people milling about, kids loving the train and science show, and of course an excellent choice of music and live performance, this time featuring an appearance from the rather groovy Trenton and the Free Radical.

As for the actual stall itself, Chantelle and I did very well, selling over 100 cupcakes and 50 brownies on the day!

After the market closed its figurative tent doors at 14:00, Chantelle and I then wandered over to Canal Walk, to do a spot of clothing shopping for Jess (not much luck and more importantly, who the hell thought that skinny jeans is a great idea for an active toddler!?!), as well as to partake in a light lunch, courtesy of the delicious La Rocca cafe in the mall. Relaxed and happy from our successful day out in the sun, we then finally made the trip back to Bellville, where on arrival at the Montgomery Clan Stronghold, I immediately took the excited Jessica out for a walk around the big Door de Kraal dam in Welgemoed, while a slightly knackered Chantelle crashed for a bit on her mom’s couch (there was plenty of gentle snoring I might add).

Supper time rolled around, and after enjoying some delicious mackerel that we had purchased from the market earlier in the day, it eventually became time to load up the cars and head out to Gordon’s Bay once more, and after successfully transferring a sleeping Jessica straight into her own bed, I could at last proceed and wound the evening down by reading a comic book in bed.

So yes, a relaxing weekend indeed!

A Better Late than Never Update My Life 19 FEB 2013

I’ve been a little absent from these pages the last little while, so sorry for that.

Other than the little bit of rain we enjoyed two weekends ago, it has been pretty uncomfortably hot and humid here in Cape Town over the last while, meaning that I haven’t exactly been quite as active as what I maybe could have been.

Nevertheless, I have over the last couple of weeks visited with both my folks as well as my in-laws, I’ve discovered HeroClix at Ryan’s pad, I’ve enjoyed Panarottis with Ryan and then marvelled at Jenna Viva with Chantelle for a Valentine’s Day luncheon. I’ve battled Robert in Blur and Ryan in FIFA, fought alongside Ryan in Army of Two: The 40th Day, and not to mention caught the awesome History Channel documentary entitled “South Africa: Miracle Rising”, which was enough to make my chest swell up in pride at what we’ve achieved, but in the same breath also cringe with sadness when confronted with some of the dark acts that South Africans are sometimes capable of doing.

I ran a successful Hathersage market while Chantelle stayed home to bake (not to mention collect a speeding fine or two on her many travels through Stellenbosch to Franschhoek), and on the Touchwork work front, I’ve pretty much not had a lunch break in who knows how long now, so much is my current workload! (Though I did get a small raise which of course was mucho appreciated.)

south africa versus pakistan - proteas test match at newlands cricket stadium

I’ve watched Wreck-it Ralph with Chantelle on a date night and then enjoyed a day off from Chantelle and Jess by spending a Saturday at Newlands watching the third day of South Africa versus Pakistan test match in the company of Ryan, Dad, Andre and Jean-Chris. I’ve braaied, gone out for ice cream on the beach, bought Lollos and Barney the Dinosaur DVDs from the mall for Jess, not to mention the fact that I switched gyms back to the Virgin Active in Somerset West in the hopes to spur on a few more sessions than what I’m currently capable of doing, thanks to all my paying work!

And I assume that I’ve already mentioned just how much Army of Two I’m currently playing with Ryan every night. (It’s a good game. Seriously, seriously addictive and enjoyable. Just in case you were wondering…)

So not particularly active when looking back at this list I suppose, but one thing that is certain is that you really can’t accuse me of just sitting around and doing nothing, now can you? :P


valentine day dessert at jenna viva

(Oh, and I’ve even gone and tinkered a little with my blog layout again! Sorry if anything broke.)

The House of C 015: That’s not Cricket! The House of C 15 MAR 2010

You shout “four” when your favourite batsman times a beautiful cover drive which runs all the way down to the boundary rope, you yell “fore” when your favourite golfer lets loose a magnificent drive that travels for absolute miles. But although they sound the same but are spelled completely differently, one should never call them out at the wrong event.

After all, that just wouldn’t be cricket, now would it? ;)

(And for the count, ball boxes are usually a shade of off-white when compared to the rest of the kit in a kit bag. It’s best not to dwell upon it really…)

Moo, Braai and Chill My Life 01 MAR 2010

It turned out to be quite the sociable and relaxed weekend this time around, with Chantelle and I kicking Friday off by heading out to Bellville after work in order to visit with Mom and the rest of the family in celebration of mom’s 53rd birthday. As per usual it was an excellent braai followed up with lots of catching up chatter between the brothers, sister and folks, all nicely washed down with lots of great tasting little snack goodies – the perfect family get together in other words! :P (Not that Chantelle lasted all that long mind you – before I blinked twice she had taken her leave of us Lotters Original and sneaked off to the couch where she happily snored away much of the evening!)

Saturday was a pretty chill affair for the first part, with Chantelle sleeping away just about the whole morning like a dead person and I happily entertaining myself with Ryan’s Devil May Cry 4, before we finally set foot outdoors in order to hit the Pick ‘n Pay and grab all the necessary goodies for afternoon braai time. So whirlwind housekeeping and setting up, and pretty soon our guests of Damen, Michelle, Robert, Karl, Trish, Dean, Zania and little Zandea arrived, heralding the start of an awesome evening in the company of good friends. As is now quickly becoming the norm, I served up a masterful array of good tasting meat off the braai (seriously this ultimate braai that Chantelle bought me is awesome!) and it combined well with all the light snacks that Chantelle created including green salad, spanspek and some home made garlic roll. And don’t forget the ice cream filled, chocolate lathered sugar cones for dessert either!

Yes indeed, these new couches ARE comfy. Thumbs up!

And while watching the South African cricket team take on India provided the bulk of the day’s entertainment, the evening was not to pass without building some competitive spirit and so out came our 30 Seconds for its maiden voyage, providing some excellent games in which I’m sad to say, Team Lotter/Montgomery were soundly beaten by Team Storbeck/Oosthuizen! (But boy did Chantelle become a little bit too competitive by the end of the matches – get one little thing clue or description wrong and she’ll take your head clean off, mark my words! :D)

Seeing as we had held the braai early afternoon (15:00 to be exact) in order to accommodate the Stapelbergs and their little one, the rest of the crowd bid their farewells while there was still plenty of time left on the day’s clock, meaning that Rob and I got to ring in bedtime by watching the surprisingly fun Death Race starring Jason Statham in the lead – lots of car and gun action in case you are wondering!

Sunday morning saw us sleep in pretty late, before finally rousing and setting Chantelle to work on crafting some delicious french toast with bacon and fried banana for breakfast, after which Rob and I set about playing around with Dean’s copy of Ashes, which turns out to be a surprisingly fun cricket game – not that I can bat to save my life of course!

Following that we kicked Rob out of the house and set off for the mall, where I finally picked up a copy of Twilight (the first book) for Chantelle from CNA and then an awesome little paper shredded for my study here at home. (But no toaster mind you. Still can’t find a four piece toaster that both my wife and I see eye to eye on!)

Back home it was time for serious chillax as Chantelle stretched herself out on the couch in front of American Idols for the next couple of hours while I faffed around writing blog posts, doing the dishes and in the end playing some games (Again, Devil May Cry 4 is awesome. ‘Nuff said). Evening eventually rolled by and we found ourselves surely but steadily drawn in by the amazing Will Smith Seven Pounds drama, before ending the night off with Chantelle working on her Sarie competition entry, toasted cheese sarmies and just some general office and braai dishes cleaning up.

And testing the new office shredder of course! :)

Comfort and style. That's how we roll here in Nagua Bay! ;)

Michelle, Damen and Dean - Group Hug Now! (We command it!)

Little Zandea teaching Craig and Chantelle just who's boss!

Don't ask.

What the heck!?! Zimbabwe beats Australia by 5 wickets! Sport & Health 12 SEP 2007

What the heck just happened? Zimbabwe just pulled off what must be the upset victory of the year! Zimbabwe just defeated Australia in the Twenty20 tournie by five wickets, here at Newlands stadium.

I fear that the world might be ending :(

zimbabwe cricket player hitting a ball

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Suck on that, you Pommies! Sport & Health 18 APR 2007

cricket-graeme-smithWell last night came as a more than pleasant and totally unexpected surprise. South Africa completely annihilated England in the crunch cricket match of the Super 8 leg, thereby knocking England out of the tournament. And after our dismal performance against the black hats earlier, I really didnt think we were going to do it. Though if we go by what the media is saying, perhaps all the boys needed was a stiff drink and a hell of a hangover to bring the best out of them.

Particularly satisfying of course was the no show of Kevin Pietersen. After his tussle of words with Graeme Smith during the week, he completely failed at getting any kind of decent score whatsoever. Ill bet he wishes he didnt have such a big mouth now :)

It was so nice to see us aggressively chase Englands modest total from the get go though. AB and Graeme shot out of the starting blocks, and basically well need to do it again if we stand any chance against the Almighty Aussies in the Semis.

The boys had better already start drinking then!