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Photo Gallery: D’Aria Doilie Market (2013-10-26) Photo Gallery 29 OCT 2013

This weekend was a pretty hectic weekend for markets, what with Chantelle’s Cupcakery running three separate stalls over the course of Saturday and Sunday!

Saturday played host to our anchor stall at Willowbridge (manned – or I suppose womanned – by Leandra), as well as our first ever stall at the Doilie Market, located on the D’Aria wine estate in Durbanville. To round things off, Sunday played host to our stall at the Century City Natural Goods Market.

Chantelle and I handled the Doilie Market stall and I have to say, I was seriously impressed with the organization of this market. The market assistants were always available if needed, everything was well planned, and the market itself was very well laid out, with plenty of entertainment for both young and old alike. The live music was great, the kids enjoyed the jumping castle and petting zoo, and all in all the atmosphere was really nice – even with the slight breeze that would occasionally whip up over the course of the beautiful sunny day.

Unfortunately for our first Doilie Market though, foot traffic was severely impacted upon thanks to competing markets in the area (Meerendal and Kanonkop all hosted their own little markets), not to mention the Stellenberg Christmas Market and the Fairmont High School Festival that were also happening all on the same day.

Nevertheless, we did okay in terms of sales and in the end, after a visit from Jessica, oupa and ouma (lucky girl got the cutest of yellow dresses out of the deal!), Chantelle and I had a good day out!

(Sadly though, the day didn’t end on the best of notes – on her way home Chantelle crashed her Getz into the back of a bakkie, and to rub salt into the wound, the Stormers went and lost in the Currie Cup final to the Sharks!)


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Cricket and Cupcakes My Life 30 APR 2013

Had a pretty enjoyable weekend I must say, so much so that I’m feeling kind of energised as I step into the new week (of course, the fact that Wednesday is a public holiday certainly doesn’t hurt!).

Friday night wasn’t anything special, with Chantelle picking up on baking after Jessica went to bed, leaving me to roam about and entertain myself, the end result being taking in the new Iron Man: Technovore movie on my new tablet, which went well for the first half of the movie, but not so great for the second half, as Chantelle’s recollection of my epic snoring can attest to.

Saturday was an early start as we packed up for the weekend and drove through to Bellville, first to pop in and have a look around at the funky little food and craft market held at D’Aria in Durbanville, before heading over to our old market stomping ground at Willowbridge Mall, just to see how everyone is doing on that side of the world.

The afternoon was reserved for a braai with friends at Ryan’s pad, and although both Jessica and Ryan would only join the group a little bit later on, all the usual suspects were there and we enjoyed a relaxing afternoon outside on Ryan’s backyard lawn, braaing, playing cricket and in general just letting the toddlers tear about while the adults played a little catch up (It feels like ages since the last time we all met up for an official gathering!). Some FIFA rounded off the gathering for the guys, and the winning funniest moment of the day was without a doubt awarded to Ryan for his scaling of his neighbour’s wall using a rickety ladder, just in time to see Karl hop over, retrieve the ball, and return to the yard, just as Ryan finally managed to make his landing on the other side!

Supper was had at Monty and Cheryl’s place, and while Chantelle then proceeded to decorate cupcakes late into the night, I entertained myself by draining my tablet’s battery via some full-on game playing, eventually turning in for the night for some much deserved rest time.

train at century city natural goods market

Sunday was a super early morning for Chantelle and myself, as we silently stirred, packed up the car, left Jessica still sleeping in Robert’s room, and headed out to Century City, where we set up stall at the always delightful Century City Natural Goods Market, having finally cracked the nod following the withdrawal of their usual cake provider for the day. This being the last market for the Summer season, it was pleasing to see such a good turnout, and as always the vibe was awesome, plenty of interesting people milling about, kids loving the train and science show, and of course an excellent choice of music and live performance, this time featuring an appearance from the rather groovy Trenton and the Free Radical.

As for the actual stall itself, Chantelle and I did very well, selling over 100 cupcakes and 50 brownies on the day!

After the market closed its figurative tent doors at 14:00, Chantelle and I then wandered over to Canal Walk, to do a spot of clothing shopping for Jess (not much luck and more importantly, who the hell thought that skinny jeans is a great idea for an active toddler!?!), as well as to partake in a light lunch, courtesy of the delicious La Rocca cafe in the mall. Relaxed and happy from our successful day out in the sun, we then finally made the trip back to Bellville, where on arrival at the Montgomery Clan Stronghold, I immediately took the excited Jessica out for a walk around the big Door de Kraal dam in Welgemoed, while a slightly knackered Chantelle crashed for a bit on her mom’s couch (there was plenty of gentle snoring I might add).

Supper time rolled around, and after enjoying some delicious mackerel that we had purchased from the market earlier in the day, it eventually became time to load up the cars and head out to Gordon’s Bay once more, and after successfully transferring a sleeping Jessica straight into her own bed, I could at last proceed and wound the evening down by reading a comic book in bed.

So yes, a relaxing weekend indeed!