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So, Eight Years of Dating Today My Life 09 JUN 2015

So, eight years of dating today. Well, technically not dating seeing as we did get married in November 2009, but this is the day, way back on 9th of June 2007 that we officially started going out.

chantelle lotter selfie at imibala restaurant in bright street, somerset west

Eight years have pretty much flashed by, probably because of all the things we packed into them – moving to Gordon’s Bay, changing jobs, getting married, moving house, falling pregnant, raising Jessica, starting a baking business on the side, and now raising Emily.

In other words, plenty to keep us on our toes and keep moving forward.

Of course, the best part of all of this is that I can’t think of anyone I would rather have beside me for this journey. As always, I can’t stress how much better my life is for having Chantelle as my partner in crime, my best friend, and most important of all, my wife.

craig lotter selfie at imibala restaurant in bright street, somerset west

My love, the first eight years of our lives being entangled has come and gone – the first eight of without a doubt, many, many more! Love you as always! :)

imibala restaurant in bright street, somerset west

In case you’re wondering, we opted to actually celebrate this little mini anniversary today. Silly, but nice nevertheless.

We ended up at the gorgeous little eatery called Imibala Restaurant (part of the Imibala Trust children’s fund), a stunning little location on Bright Street in Somerset West (a couple of houses down from Chelsea Village).

It’s only been operating for a handful of months now, but its delightful menu and classy look and feel makes for an instant winning package! Highly recommended. :)

chantelle lotter sipping her grapetizer at imibala restaurant in bright street, somerset west

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Wow! My Life 07 MAY 2007

I’ve said from the beginning that I wasn’t going to release any details from my dating life, simply to avoid shooting myself in the foot. However the way I feel this morning, I don’t give a fuck! And seeing how I love this way of disseminating information without having to tell every single member of my nosey family and friends in person, I’ll say this: last night I met a person that I can only describe in one word:


(My left mouse button is broken – I don’t think I’ve ever clicked this hard with another person before.)

So maybe I am shooting myself in the foot, but quite frankly, this morning I just don’t care :)

kitty cat grin

And that wraps things up once and for all My Life 02 MAY 2007

Interesting SMS conversation I had with my ex a moment ago. It goes something like this: (Note that this is after I assumed we have already finalised the break-up. I haven’t talked to her in ages and things have all settled down nicely already – well at least I know that I’ve closed the book on her and moved on with my life already. Oh well, guess she was just biding her time to do the same :P)

Hi Craig. How are you? What have u been up to lately? How’s the dating going? Liz

To which I dutifully replied, answering all her questions. Ended it off by asking if she was going to karate practice tonight (She and I train under the same sensei at the same club). To which she replied:

Dating is going very well. I’m seeing someone at the moment and I’m loving every moment of it. I really like this guy. He could very well be the one. I actually just wanted to let you know that I won’t be waiting for you anymore. I’ve moved on. Also I can’t really contact or see you much anymore for obvious reasons. I won’t be coming back to karate. I just can’t. Going to focus on my rugby now. Enjoy your day and I hope things work out for you in the end.

To which I dutifully wished her well for the rest of her life.

I must admit to being a little amused by what she said, particularly the ‘wanted to let you know that I won’t be waiting for you anymore’ bit. I’m not sure she quite understood the fact that I dumped her for being unfaithful to me. – There really wasn’t any expectation from me for her to be waiting for me O.o? Actually, I have no idea what the heck she was waiting for me to do in any event :)

Oh well, at least with her dropping karate entirely means I can finally say that this chapter of my life is now all neatly wrapped up and disposed of.

And it means the not entirely true reflections of my feelings post {0031} no longer stands either :)

romance break up - girl looking perplexed during a hug

Internet Dating My Life 10 APR 2007

online datingOkay, so I’ve decided to give this whole Internet dating thing a shot. You hear a lot of bad things about it, but I kind of feel its a pretty damn good idea. You kind of skip the whole blind date part of finding a potential partner and start off with some bonus established facts – that is of course if youre assuming everyone is being truthful in their profiles.

So anyway, within 2 days I’ve managed to get three fans. Three fans? Wow, nice ego boost, Ill say. Now I suppose youre thinking, what hopeless loser type people actually put up profiles on the net – well I cant answer that one just yet (I don’t agree with that view just by the way); I’ve only bought my subscription today so Ill have to keep you up to date on how it goes :)