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Tafelberg and the Defy Oven Returned! My Life 27 JAN 2015

Back in May 2013 I proudly shouted about our brand new, R8,000 Defy 831 Multi-function Thermofan oven that I had bought from Tafelberg for Chantelle’s baking business. We were very excited about the new baking capacity, but sadly that excited feeling soon turned into frustration.

In little more than a year, the oven broke down four times, meaning four times Chantelle was let down and had to make a baking plan, and four times Defy needed to send out a technician to exact a repair.

Needless to say, Chantelle was less than impressed, and so like a pitbull bereft of its bone, she contacted both Defy and Tafelberg, complained and complained, and eventually got both Defy and Tafelberg to agree to give us our money back in the form of store credit – because there was no way in hell Chantelle wanted another one of these damn Defy ovens!

Although all of this drama unfolded in the third quarter of last year already, Chantelle and I kind of dragged our feet in going out and spending the R8,000, and in fact, it was only after a couple of phone calls from Tafelberg (following up on our credit note) that we did actually go.

Now given the fact that we had in the meantime taken possession of Cheryl Montgomery’s old oven after they renovated their kitchen (our Defy had long since been picked up by Tafelberg), we needed to blow the money on things that technically we didn’t need but would probably be nice to have – in other words, it was like going shopping when you’re not actually the one picking up the bill! :)

First on our shopping list was a new vacuum cleaner to finally replace our broken, second hand machine that has long served us up to now, and in the end we found a pretty awesome 2100w  Electrolux vacuum cleaner that we both kind of liked.

So into the shopping cart it went:


Next up we spotted a beautiful white wooden shelving unit that would be perfect for Jessica’s room for all the toys. Expensive in my opinion, but the perfect man for the job, so onto the checkout list it went!


(It was awesome to see how excited Jessica was when it finally arrived just by the way. She was shrieking in delight and best friend Cara and her pretty much immediately sprang to the task of ecstatically relocating all of her toys into it!)

In addition to the shelving unit, Chantelle and I also spotted a gorgeous wooden, slatted outdoor table, one that has a clever folding out mechanism that essentially allows you to extend the table lengthwise if you have more guests or need more table space than usual.

Although we’ll have to get the chairs (R715 each) paycheck by paycheck, we both quickly agreed that the table was a must buy:


(Sorry, that’s a terrible photo of it. I haven’t removed the wrapping off of it yet because I’m still to cut the ankle high grass where it is intended to stand! Oops.)

Finally, fitting perfectly within our R8,000 spending limit (with a little jiggling from the super helpful Tafelberg saleslady), I picked up some items for my office corner in the braai room – a perfectly sized, proper desk for me to work from (finally, no more dining room table for me!), and an Ellies slim profile television wall mount to allow me to shift my 40″ Telefunken LCD television off from my current work space (because well, my new desk can’t exactly accommodate it – but that was the plan from the beginning anyway).


So a very, very successful Tafelberg shop then I have to say. Yes, it hurt to just spend R8,000 for the sake of spending, but heck, it was kind of fun to shop with such a degree of abandon for a change! :)

P.S. It took a couple of days for delivery from Tafelberg, meaning that while my current office space stood decommissioned (I’m good at jumping the gun like that), I was forced to take my laptop and work off of our kitchen counter – not the perfect scenario, but beer did make it a bit better. Not that I had to stare at the dirty dishes for the whole of that period mind you – a lunch time meeting with Distell at the gorgeous Asara Wine Estate did give me an afternoon vista that looked like this:


It’s a hard life, I know! ;)

Ready, Steady, Bake! My Life 22 MAY 2013

Right. So what was formerly my braai and gaming room already features no television and no couch, three table surfaces and no chairs, two fridges, two chest freezers, wall shelving and a big storage cupboard, meaning that the only thing left on the list in order to transform it proper into a super home baking environment was a big oven.

Well not anymore my friend, not anymore.

defy 831 multi-function thermofan oven 2

Last week I extended my investment into Chantelle’s booming Cookies & Cakes venture by heading out to Tafelberg Furnishers in Somerset West and purchasing for her a nice and big, Defy 831 Multi-function Thermofan oven (R8,000), a major step up from the little Defy kitchen oven that she currently has to make do with!

Having done the measurements and planning up front, basically what this means is that she can immediately jump from baking 24 cupcakes in twenty minutes right up to 72 per twenty minutes by running both ovens simultaneously, with that number potentially increasing by another 24 should we be able to source a third rack for the new oven. So a massive increase in production then which in turn should help her churn out her existing orders in record time, never mind the fact that we now have the extra capacity to go out and pick up some additional supply work as well.

Her dad Monty (who has probably worked with electricity for more years than what I’ve been alive) and I installed the oven on Saturday afternoon, setting up the oven and isolation switch directly under the distribution board (which happens to sit in the braai room – mainly because in the blueprints the space was originally the garage), thus making the job a lot easier than what it could perhaps have been, and I have to say, the whole operation was a lot smoother and simpler than what I had anticipated anyway – plus I learned a great deal in the process! :)

Anyway, the oven is awesome, Chantelle is happy, and I can finally stop worrying about what would happen to Chantelle if her one and only oven had packed up in the middle of a big order.

[subvertedgallery link=”file” columns=”4″ ids=”23444,23443,23442,23441″ orderby=”rand”]

And the first thing Chantelle baked in it? A big batch of tasty macaroons of course! :)

defy 831 multi-function thermofan oven 5

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And there Goes the Stove My Life 28 OCT 2011

Aargh, so frustrating! Finally after a year of building back up from the money lows reached during Chantelle’s unpaid maternity leave, finally when I have enough spare cash to splash out on either a dishwasher or a television for the braai room, the bloody stove goes and acts up again!

Our little Defy 600 STS Ther@fan and us certainly haven’t enjoyed a very harmonious 1st year together, and after spending more than enough money on it to keep it running over the period (well, to be fair, I think it was only twice), this latest little game it is playing with us by screwing with its dials is the final straw that broke this camel’s back!

So on Gumtree an advert has gone, and pleasingly enough we have already had some interest, so hopefully out it goes – I need the convenience of an always working oven, not one I have to keep hoping will work when I need it! :)

Anyway, Chantelle and I have already done a bit of shopping about for a replacement, and after much deliberation, it would seem that we’ve settled on a very nice little unit from Whirlpool, from Tafelberg Meubels for around R3,500 – could have gone for a cheaper KIC model, but we both decided that in the end, a therma fan oven is more useful than an oven without one of these heat spreading devices.

And besides, the little money we hope to make off the Defy should bring this down to under R3,000.

Of course, this also means a new hob as these units go hand in hand, but at least we get to keep the existing extractor fan… and our kitchen gets a shiny new look!

Still, I really, really could have done with that TV or dishwasher you know…