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Ubuntu 12.04: How to Format a USB Flash Drive

If you are a Microsoft Windows user then no doubt you’ll be quite familiar with the concept of right-clicking on a USB flash drive icon under My Computer, selecting the context menu option ‘Format’, and then formatting your flash drive… Continue Reading →

How to Delete a YouTube Video

Of course, the ability to delete videos that you uploaded is a must, and so, YouTube gives you the necessary tools to achieve this – though that said, I couldn’t figure it out the first time around, meaning a short… Continue Reading →

Why You Shouldn’t be Tweaking Your Blog at 01:00 in the Morning!

Last Friday night I was having fun developing my first ever WordPress plugin (a thumbnail archive page if you must ask), that I happily stayed awake well past midnight to work on it. Now of course this was at the… Continue Reading →

LastPass: How To Delete All Saved Vault Items at Once

LastPass is a fantastic password vault application available over a number of different platforms and with a huge range of rather useful features that includes things like automatic form filling, one-click login, synchronization across browsers and of course bullet-proof password management/storage. Our quick little how to today deals with how to easily delete all your stored vault items at once.

Ubuntu: Delete Files Older than a Certain Number of Days via the Terminal

For example, let’s say you currently do non-incremental backups of your data on a daily business. If you don’t keep an eye on it, pretty soon your backup folder will run out of space and your system would come crashing down – so maybe it isn’t such a bad idea to run a cron in the background that deletes unnecessary files that are older than a specified number of days.

Ubuntu Subversion: How to Delete a SVN Repository

Although there is tons of documentation on creating new SVN project repositories for your shiny Ubuntu SVN (subversion) server, there isn’t all that much mention of how you actually remove a project repository should you no longer need it.

PHP: Delete all Values to Reuse a Keyed Array

It’s sometimes pretty valuable to reuse array structures if you’re kind of doing a task over and over again, and don’t necessarily want to recreate the array’s keyed structure from scratch with each iteration.

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