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How does a Baby Nappy (Disposable Diaper) Work?

A disposable baby nappy is actually quite a cleverly designed product, the current iterations consisting of five different layers, each with its own specialized role to play. Furthermore, the superabsorbent polymer in the diaper’s core is unbelievable in terms of… Continue Reading →

The British Power Plug is actually a damn good Design

British presenter and tech personality Tom Scott dives a bit into just why the British plug is considered such a superior and safe design as opposed to some of the other power plugs around the world. (Pleasingly, some of those… Continue Reading →

The Ingenious Design of the Aluminium Beverage Can

Engineering professor Bill Hammack is a well known science and technology documentarian who has been the face of his project for quite a number of years now. This time around he takes us through the engineering choices underlying the… Continue Reading →

The Rugged Rock of Craig v6.0 Redesign

Right. If you are a regular reader of mine, then you might have noticed a fair number of changes around these pages. As I mentioned previously, in an effort to streamline my online presence and thereby reduce the amount of… Continue Reading →

Gordon’s Beach Lodge Winter Special Brochure

Just to prove that I’ve still got it if needed, I quickly whipped up this delightful green and white wordy little brochure for Chantelle for use in a post box drop in order to promote Gordon Beach Lodge’s (GBL) Winter… Continue Reading →

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