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Review: The Batman | Season 5 (2007-2008)

The final 13 episodes of what truly is an enjoyable animated series featuring everyone’s favourite vigilante dressed up as a bat, season 5 departs in a big way from what has up until now been a very Batman-centred universe, and… Continue Reading →

Review: The Batman (Season 4)

After three very solid seasons before it, the hit animated television series featuring everyone’s favourite caped crusader is back, and this time around it brings even more to the table. With the Teen Titans show finally having closed its curtains,… Continue Reading →

Comic Book Art: Nightwing (post reboot) by Michel Mulipola

Samoan comic book artist (and professional wrestler to boot!) Michel Mulipola, put out this great piece showing off the new DC Comic’s Nightwing character (in other words, post their big reboot), featuring the now armoured red and black fighting suit… Continue Reading →

Review: Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero (1998)

It tells the story of Mr. Freeze, who is now eking out an existence in the Artic alongside the cryogenically preserved body of his wife. An unfortunate encounter ruptures his wife’s preservation tank and so Mr. Freeze is forced to return to Gotham in a hurry, in order to try and save his wife’s life. The end result? The need for an emergency full organ transplant operation, a procedure which unfortunately will kill the donor.

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