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Virgin Active No More My Life 19 APR 2013

20090416-Virgin-Active-LogoA couple of weeks ago I received an e-mail warning me that I needed to put in a few more gym visits in order not to lose my free gym benefit that I earn through my Discovery Health Vitality medical aid scheme. So I duly went a few more times and was planning on going again when a little later I received a second e-mail informing me that my gym membership benefit had now expired.

Turns out that I had misread the first e-mail as having to go twice instead of the actual twelve times needed in order to make up the required number of visits for the twelve month rolling period.


Quite annoyed, I quickly logged in to my Virgin Active customer portal to verify my visits, and ashamedly saw that in the last twelve months I had in fact only visited gym 24 times. 24 times!? In twelve months!? Clearly I’m no longer a gym person! Turns out that going straight home in the evening to play with Jessica, walking in the morning, and making a conscious effort at work to build relationships with my colleagues instead of just disappearing at lunch time means that I have zero time (or interest for that matter) in visiting a gym.

So that is that then. My free gym membership has ended and quite frankly, based on my current usage stats, it just really doesn’t make sense to join up again any time soon. That said, there now isn’t really a reason for me continuing to pay for Discovery Health Vitality either, so I’m pretty sure they’ll be losing their money from me soon.

Getting Serviced Jessica | My Life 23 MAR 2011

Two things getting serviced today actually, the first being Gina G. Getz who goes into the Hyundai Helderberg Service Centre for her big 30,000 km service (a couple of days before her 1st birthday actually) and the second being little Jessica who is going in for one or other big injection which costs around R8,000 a shot and which gets repeated for the next four months or so (i.e. it costs a truckload to get this one done!).

In terms of Gina G., it is a simple matter of parking her in the parking lot, handing over your keys and double checking that everything is still under warranty and a service plan, which it should be considering that the car isn’t even a year old yet.

Seriously, the kilometres are piling on rather too quickly for my liking – the 15,000 km service was done a mere 5 or so months ago!

The second service, Jessica’s injection, is obviously a far more complicated affair.

One needs to first wake, prepare and get her to the hospital, then hold back the tears as they painfully inject her and then deal with the aftermath as we have been told that this one will hurt – a lot. Needless to say, my sympathies to C who is handling this one! :)

And it cropped up as a bit of a mystery actually. We received a phone call out of the blue telling us that Jessica has been authorised for it, but we didn’t know what, who or why, never mind what the actual injection contents is or does!

Turns out it was a mistake on the part of Dr. Edson as he forgot to inform us about it, but thankfully the hospital didn’t and with Discovery Health’s blessing, everything is sorted out now, so much relief in other words and an even better protected baby as the end result.

Anyway, now to the actual reason behind this slightly inane post. While you can’t really call Gina G. Getz cute, there shouldn’t be any problem applying the cute tag to a rather fluffy eared Jessica:

See what I mean? :)