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Mac OS X: Hunt Hard Drive Disk Space Hogs with Disk Inventory X

Software development tools are often quite large and clunky, meaning that software developers often face the prospect of running out of hard drive disk space on their work machines. I’m particularly fond of applications that use “treemaps” to visualize disk space… Continue Reading →

How to Determine Windows Disk Usage

My work laptop kept pointing out to me that the free space on the primary C:\ drive was getting ridiculously low, meaning of course that I needed to step in and delete some files. However, in order to do this… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu Terminal: How Much Disk Space do I have Left?

To see how much disk space you have left on your Ubuntu linux desktop or server via the terminal is made easy thanks to the standard df command that comes bundled in most Linux distros. The most default way to… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu: Get the Size of a Directory via the Terminal

When using the terminal to navigate your way through your Ubuntu or any other Linux distro, it is actually pretty easy to quickly see how big a particular directory or folder is in terms of size. The command to use… Continue Reading →

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