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How to add Dropdown Page Selection Pagination to WordPress without Plugins

Pagination to me is a necessity in that it gives a reader a better idea of just how big or small a site is based on the number of posts. The default for WordPress is to include simple Newer and… Continue Reading →

How to Group Options in a Select Dropdown List

The classic HTML select dropdown list box has been with us for a long time, consisting of a container <select> tag which in turn contains a number of <option> tags which make up the list items which the user can… Continue Reading →

How to Set the Selected Index of a Dropdown using jQuery

There are a number of ways to set the selected index of a dropdown list when it comes to jQuery, though unfortunately one of them only works about half the time, basically whenever the guys behind the library remember to fix a particular bug in the system for that particular release.

jQuery: Change the Selected Index of a Dropdown List

To change the selected value, or selected index if you will, of a dropdown list using jQuery is not particularly difficult.

Remove all Listbox and Dropdown List Items with jQuery

Today’s little code snippet is going to look at removing all the options from a select dropdown list or listbox, on the fly and using jQuery.

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