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What is Region Locking and How does it Work?

As the Internet makes the world grow ever smaller, the issue of region locking content becomes increasingly annoying. But what is region locking, why does it exist and how is it implemented? In the purest sense of the term, region… Continue Reading →

The Hussar’s Grill vs. Home-made Pizza

Despite the cold and wet weather, the Lotters ended up enjoying a nice, mostly relaxed, weekend together I’m happy to report. As always, Saturday was Chantelle’s Cookies and Cakes market weekend, meaning that after some Shaun the Sheep and bedtime… Continue Reading →

How to Rip DVDs to AVI in Ubuntu 11.10

Although certainly not as many easy to use applications for ripping DVDs for viewing on other devices in Ubuntu as in Windows, there are thankfully a few decent options available to the more knowledgeable Linux users out there. Today’s tutorial… Continue Reading →

Heritage Weekend 2011

We enjoyed a pleasant Heritage Weekend this year, pity of course about the public holiday falling on a Saturday, but Chantelle was off so that always makes for a nice weekend in the Lotter household! :) Friday evening after the… Continue Reading →

Animated Arrivals

Yay, so my “Extreme Cool Edition” copy of the original Ice Age DVD has finally arrived from, which I’m sure Jessie just can’t wait to see with her Daddy as soon as we get a chance (hint, Chantelle is… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu: How to Force a Clean CD Unmount and Eject

Working with CDs in my current Ubuntu installation is proving to be quite annoying, as more often than not when trying to eject a CD the proper way by right-clicking on the icon and clicking Eject, I get greeting with an error message telling me the stupid machine won’t eject the disc – and if I simply eject via the eject button, Ubuntu won’t automatically mount a new disc that I insert because as far as its concerned, the old CD mount is still in place!

Employee of the Month

Nice. One of the things Simon introduced at Touchwork after starting a couple of months ago as the Development Manager was the concept of the Employee of the Month award, basically a recognition of one singled out office dweller (generally of the Dev team) who receives a nice little gift from the company, usually a R200 gift voucher from

How to Play a DVD in Ubuntu Karmic Koala

Annoyingly, Ubuntu isn’t set up to all for DVD playback by default. The reason of course is that most DVDs are encrypted, region-encoded, etc. and Ubuntu simply doesn’t have the legal right to ship with the necessary software to play them back right off the bat.

Warfare at the Parents’ Pad

So another weekend of Chantelle working has come and gone, but having now learned the trick, Saturday was once more spent in the company of mates blasting the crap out of one another in Modern Warfare 2.

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