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Snacking from Cooked at the V&A Waterfront Watershed in Cape Town (2021-03-22) Food and Drink | Photo Gallery 02 MAY 2021

Having just completed roaming through the blue tinged halls of the excellent Two Oceans Aquarium, Chantelle and her folks decided that it was now time to grab a seat, rest their feet, and nibble on something delicious. Now obviously the V&A Food Market would have fit the bill just perfectly, but seeing as the gorgeous Watershed was standing there right in front of us, we rather wandered in there like a small group of penguins first.

If you aren’t familiar with the Watershed at V&A Waterfront then you are in for a treat. A complete renovation of the space has resulted in a big airy structure that is vibrantly coloured and packed to the brim with all manner of artisans and studios. Art, ceramics, textiles, fashion, jewellery, and of course curios by the bucketload, the Watershed is a buzzing commerical celebration of art and the creation of it.

As luck would have it, we stumbled upon Cooked, a wonderful little eatery space that draws its inspiration from its Middle Eastern and Mediterranean roots. And while its menu certainly does look amazing, it was the baked goods that we were most interested in for this particular visit. A round of coffee and babyccinos for the kids, a selection of baked treats including croissants and muffins to pull pieces from, and of course the visual treat of the surroundings to take in. So yeah, that was our first taste of Cooked. Definitely not the worst of little restaurant experiences to have bumped into!

Eggs Benedict Breakfast at Cape Cafe in Strand (2021-03-01) Food and Drink | Photo Gallery 01 MAY 2021

Absolutely dominating its stretch of the Strand Beach skyline, the big white beautiful apartment building that is Hibernian Towers is also home to a few small businesses hidden down on its ground floor, with one of those very worth knowing gems being the excellent Cape Cafe.

Although it is situated behind the glass doors of this behemoth of an apartment tower, the diminutive family-owned and operated Cape Cafe is still technically a beachfront cafe, fully licensed and with a penchant for serving great breakfasts and ground coffee, signature burgers and craft beer, and of course their exceptional hearthstone thin crust pizzas. Billing themselves as a South African Social Cafe, they say that they take pride in their Cape Culture with dishes such as Skilpadjies & Mash, Bobotie Pancakes and Boerewors on the menu. Now while I can’t really comment on those, I can say that their eggs benedict breakfast is most excellent, having been treated to one by Chantelle one weekday morning back in March.

It’s a small cozy space, with friendly people, great food, and importantly, well shielded from any of Strand’s notoriously blustery bouts of wind. In other words, a great little coffee shop/eatery to keep in the back of your mind should ever you find yourself in Strand in maybe not such perfect beach day weather.

Pizza at the Bluebird Cafe in Stellenbosch (2021-04-11) Food and Drink | Photo Gallery 30 APR 2021

Chantelle was eager for a spot of Sunday lunch out with me and the girls, and so we decided that what would really be nice would be to tuck into some delicious ribs while watching the small planes come and go outside at the Stellenbosch Flying Club. However, after arriving to a packed parking lot (never great sign in the time of Covid-19 anyway), we were turned away from the gate as the flying club was currently only serving members. Oh well, so new plan instead, we decided to give the seemingly diminutive but eye-catching Bluebird Cafe a little bit down and across the road a go instead.

I’m not entirely sure if the old (always seemingly slightly grotty) Mountain Breeze Farm Stall next to the Mountain Breeze Caravan Park is still operating, but regardless of this fact, the recently erected, double peaked, distinctive looking building that now hosts Bluebird Cafe has certainly taken over the space of the aforementioned farm stall, and despite its proximity to the busy R44 that endlessly shuttles cars between Somerset West and Stellenbosch, actually does make for a pretty nice space to enjoy an aromatic cup of coffee with a delicious baked treat in tow.

There are certainly a lot of interesting sounding dishes on Bluebird Cafe’s menu, but with the girls at our side we opted for the ever family friendly pizza option, settling down to a nice assortment of beer and milkshakes as the kids got down to the necessary scrambling about on the small jungle gym dominated kids play area.

Bright green lawn, farm fields and mountain views to the back, and great tasting food in front, the Bluebird Cafe certainly didn’t disappoint, and a nice and relaxing Sunday lunch outing was enjoyed by all.