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Blogroll: How to Export and Import WordPress Blog Links CodeUnit 26 FEB 2011

To export and import a WordPress blogroll, or links if you prefer, is actually pretty easy, seeing as WordPress already comes with everything necessary for this built in.

Your WordPress blog’s links and links categories are accessible by hitting this URL:


Now that you know this, importing links from one WordPress blog to another becomes trivial. Simply browse down the wp-admin menu on the left until you find the Tools -> Import menu item. Clicking on the Import menu you will be presented with a number of different import choices. Select Blogroll (import links in OPML format).

The screen presented allows you an option of inserting an OPML URL, in other words the URL we used above. After inputting the URL and clicking import, voila, you will see a list of the imported links, ready for you to play around with to your heart’s content.


TortoiseSVN: How To Strip ALL SVN Folders Out of a Project to Move it Around CodeUnit 29 JUL 2010

TortoiseSVN is actually a pretty damn good Windows subversion client that neatly integrates itself within the Window shell.

The tortoiseSVN question for today is how to I get a clean copy of one of my projects under subversion, in other words how do I get a folder with all that extra hidden SVN gunk of .svn folders and files?

Well the answer comes in the form of TortoiseSVN’s rather neat and often forgotten right-click context menu export function.

First, locate the folder you wish to get a clean copy of. Next, right-click on the folder and browse down on the TortoiseSVN context menu until you reach the Export menu function.

Clicking this will launch a dialog asking you to select a folder to export to. Once you’ve done that, the system will begin copying over your working copy folder to the newly specified folder, sans all that extra SVN junk.