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Stealing My Work: Ashihara Online’s Fraudulent Portfolio Listing General Nonsense | My Life 20 OCT 2010

I’m taken aback, really I am. Going through some of Google’s nifty stats for my various sites the other morning, I came across the fact that my Funakoshi Karate International South Africa website was being linked to by South African web design company, Ashihara Online.

Now I’ve come across Ashihara Online’s work before, mainly because I’m interested in martial arts and that is the field in which they first went to work in, and so interested as to why they might be sending me link love, (despite the fact that most of their web “designs” are usually pretty damn ugly, horrible, 1990 era stuff, I clicked through…

…only to spit out with disgust when I discovered that on their portfolio page listing their “work” done, was sitting a link to my lovely, Joomla-driven Funakoshi Karate website!

I couldn’t believe it.

Blatantly lying about one’s work or stealing credit for another man’s labour is not the way to build up an online brand, particularly when the person you steal from is more than capable of holding his own in the online space, capable of pulling out more than a few SEO tricks from his own hat – in other words expect to have a fair number of points knocked off your online brand’s value if you do!

Needless to say, I have generated this post and sent off an e-mail to the contact address listed on the site, so I guess I’ll just have to sit back and see what their grovelling excuse or reply is!

Click to enlarge...

Seriously, what were you guys thinking? O.o

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Screenshot Saturday: Stripperella (Episode 4) Animation 10 APR 2010

Taken from episode 4 (Everybody loves Pushy) of Stan Lee and Pamela Anderson’s Stripperella, this week’s Screenshot Saturday post! You’ve been waiting for it, haven’t you?

Pushy Galore - well armed (the secret trauma of nuclear physicists)

Pushy Galore, the annoying, flamboyant and persistent TV saleswoman, known to the world for her ultra cheap high fashion items as well as her seemingly endless marriages and disappeared husbands, finally comes to the attention of Erotica Jones, aka Stripperella, thanks to the revelation that Pushy’s so-called Fashion House items are nothing more than cheap knock-offs (that, and the fact that her handbags appear to be made out of human skin)!

Racing downtown in order to perhaps save the life of Pushy’s latest husband, Richard Slimmons, Stripperella bursts into Pushy’s secret, undisclosed location to find the mutated Pushy and her bodyguards about to toss poor old Richard into the skin stripper – but more importantly about to turn him into yet another fake designer handbag… which we all know is simply quite unforgivable!

The words "Flexible" and "Stripperella" kind of go hand in hand don't they?

Flexibility is a must in the world of Exotic Dancing

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