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False Bay views from Steenbras Water Treatment Plant Lookout Point in Gordon’s Bay (2021-04-10)

Situated on the opposite side of False Bay, finding Gordon’s Bay when travelling from Cape Town is easy enough thanks to the giant white ‘GB’ anchor and letters symbol emblazoned on the slopes of the Hottentots Holland Mountains that form… Continue Reading →

The Harbour and the Lookout Point in Gordon’s Bay (2017-07-29)

It’s not often that I get my brother to come out and visit me here in Gordon’s Bay, but on the odd occasion that I do, it is imperative that the girls and I do something out and about with… Continue Reading →

A Train and the Colourful Changing Rooms of St James Beach (2017-10-30)

Ah, the brightly coloured Victorian bathing boxes of St. James Beach. What Cape Town travel blog could truly call themselves local without including at least one post detailing this internationally recognised view, right? St. James itself is a suburb of Cape Town,… Continue Reading →

Visiting the Steenbras Water Treatment Plant Lookout Point (2016-10-29)

I’ve previously mentioned how I took the girls up to the Steenbras Water Treatment Plant lookout point above Gordon’s Bay last year, a trip that involves a rather perilous walk along a ridge which I allowed the girls to do… Continue Reading →

Watching Gordon’s Bay from the Steenbras Lookout Point (2016-08-27)

I’ve mentioned Steenbras Dam on these pages before, formerly the main reservoir for Cape Town and also current source for the Steenbras Power Station (a pumped storage system). I know that it used to be open to the public back… Continue Reading →

Things to See in South Africa: Steenbras Dam

Aerial photos of Gordon’s Bay always fascinates me, primarily because inevitably they show this massive amount of water, all neatly held by the mountains directly over our little town’s head! When travelling along the N2 away from Cape Town one… Continue Reading →

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