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Osmosizzzzz My Life 27 JUN 2007

fatigue man yawningI’ve been completely and utterly knackered the last couple of days again, severely impacting on both my work and after-hour activities (don’t ask when last I went to gym :D). I d love to blame C for my tiredness, but I know that I simply haven’t been getting enough pillow time and it would seem the older I get the more desperately I crave it – And last night my body decided to hit back.

Seeing as C had quite a bit of work to get through in the evening, we decided to cancel the usual evening visit. So settling back at home, I pulled out the anime and playstation and set about catching up on some hobby time. Caught Merkaba on Messenger briefly and before I knew it, I was forced out of the lounge and into bed because my eyes werent quite focussing anymore.

Not wanting to admit defeat, I whipped out my newly acquired manga and set about taking some of it in. Turns out osmosis was the only way I was going to absorb any of it because I promptly fell asleep (this must have been just before 9pm) only to wake up at 5:30am the next morning – at least feeling as fresh as a daisy.

So hopefully I’m sorted until at least next week :)

Refreshed and Ready to Kick Ass Again My Life 14 MAY 2007

Sleep, glorious sleep. For the first time in a long long time I actually listened to my own advice this weekend and completely removed myself from all physical activities whatsoever. Plus, I slept in until 10:00 on Saturday morning and 09:00 on Sunday morning. Yes, I know I wasted a couple of precious hours of my life by sleeping them away, but man do I feel refreshed and ready to take on the world!

Karl must be feeling grateful not to see his name appearing on these pages this morning proclaiming his latest embarrassing defeat on the squash court and if it wasnt for his tragic Fifa losses over the weekend, even Ryan would have been feeling good about his sporting prowess.

baby sleeping on white sheets

This tiring you out yet? My Life 11 MAY 2007

badminton shuttlecock about to be served*whew* The fatigue that plagued me in Monday nights squash, followed me to squash on Tuesday evening, and made Karate hell on Wednesday, decided to even join the party for the mild Thursday nights badminton too. (Well I did go for a jog at gym beforehand, but I swear it was a relaxed one). Got fighting practice tonight, but I solemnly promise that Ill take this weekend off to try and recharge my batteries a bit. I would seem that even I’m not superman just yet. I blame it on that kryptonite they dug up in Serbia.

Terrance is convinced that this is all simply a plan to have an alibi for when I drop his meat into the fire tonight. Well, I’m not telling ;)