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Oh Noes, the attack of the Toes!

Oh noes, little baby Jessie is under attack from Daddy’s noisy toes! Not that it seems to deter this little intrepid adventurer mind you, seeing as she keeps going back for more! :) If you know the layout of our… Continue Reading →

Baby Jessica and Her Baby Elephant Feet

As you can see from the photo above, with Mommy Chantelle holding foot and card together while Daddy Craig furiously snaps away in the hopes of capturing a half decent photo before Jessie is squirming around again, our little dark red head girl is growing quite nicely – in both weight, length and size! :)

Photo Gallery: Jessica’s Growing Feet (2011-01-16)

Jessica’s feet are getting so much bigger!

Treading Painfully

These two cracks make it seriously painful to walk around on, and if it wasn’t for Chantelle’s great thinking of placing those awesome “winged” plasters over the bottoms of my feet, I would still be hobbling around with a grimace permanently stuck on my face!

At the Foot of the Bed

Technically I received my very first pedicure on Sunday evening if you want to look at it that way. Now I’m a barefoot kind of guys, always have been, always will be. That means I spend most of my time without shoes on, meaning that I’m the guy you see walking on the field barefoot or strolling around a mall without any foot gear on.

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