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The End of Mr. Ficus’ Pot My Life 19 APR 2011

A fair while ago I mentioned that Mr. Ficus couldn’t quite hold his own when it came to Gordon Bay’s infamous winds. Then a couple of weeks ago I reported that his pot hadn’t quite dealt with the last fall all that well, forming a huge crack down the middle. Today I sadly announce that Mr. Ficus’ pot is no more.

Last week’s surprise windy gusts did enough to once again bowl Mr. Ficus over, shattering his rather expensive Benbel-purchased pot in the process.

Of course, this has since prompted us to rather unrestrict the poor leafy fellow from the confines of a fickle vessel and instead plant him in the garden proper, allowing his root system to provide the necessary anchorage and cause him to be the tree he always wanted to be.

Really shattered pot

Really shattered pot

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That now only leaves us with the giant shattered pot to somehow get rid of…

Ficus Crack Pot My Life 23 FEB 2011

Ficus Crack Pot. Despite sounding like a drug reference, I am in fact referring to poor Mr. Ficus’ pot, which didn’t survive the last gusty blasts we experienced here in Gordon’s Bay unscathed.

After picking up Mr. Ficus who was lying on his side, dusting him off and propping him back upright, I noticed a rather large crack running down the length of his pot. Not fatal to the pot mind you, but bad enough.

So I guess I’ll just have to do a bit of pot twirling to sort this unsightly issue out.

The wind however didn’t seem to affect our resident garden fanged yellow eight-legged monster who has been living in the same spot for the last couple of months, nor the garden shed which still stands much to my surprise.

Monty’s ladder did take a bit of a topple though.

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Fierce Winds My Life 19 DEC 2010

Strong, strong winds buffeted Gordon’s Bay for most of last week, wreaking a fair bit of damage in the process. From great big canvas signs completely blown away to big metal road signs folded over in half, nothing was left untouched. If you had just finished planting your garden you would have been gnashing your teeth because undoubtedly half of it would have been destroyed, or like Annalie, you would wake up to the sight of someone’s back door lying in your garden.

5 Country Mews wasn’t left untouched, as I was forced to spend last weekend pretty much indoors, tearing out my hair at the over-energetic cats trapped inside and causing havoc thanks to the scary winds outside. I nearly lost my back door as well, as a wind wrenched it backwards and caused its slats to pop slightly as it bashed against the back wall, though thankfully leaving it still attached by the hinges.

As it was, poor ficus didn’t fair so well, as it was unceremoniously dumped over by the wind, never mind our poor garden shed who I found with garden implements and a broom sticking out from underneath!

And then there was the tumbling black bin that nearly took out my car.

Mr. Fixus decided to dive for cover to avoid the wind!

You know you have a problem when your tools try to escape

Windy. No wonder there are always so many houses up for sale in this area!

The Cat, the Tree, the Pot My Life 08 JUL 2010

I know, I know, another cheap photo post, but damn it, Olympus is just being so lovable and cute at the moment that I couldn’t resist!

Thanks to the glorious weather a weekend or two ago, I finally had the chance to swing open the back sliding door, let in the fresh air and hand the washing up outside, only to stop for a second and take notice that I wasn’t the only one relishing the warm sunlight on my skin.

No, Olympus the cat had indeed decided that this was the perfect opportunity to get to know Mr. Ficus a little better…

Olympus attempting some form of pole dancing.

Embarrassed at being caught out, Olympus attempts to hide behind Mr. Ficus

Ficus Standing Tall My Life 02 JAN 2010

Amazingly enough, contrary to Terrance’s utterances as one of the Best Men at our wedding, we have managed to keep something alive for longer than a week. As you can see from my painstakingly gained proof, Ficus still stands proud and tall at our back sliding door. As does Ficus’ faithful fluffers, the Vygies.

Just saying.

Looking good for a tree cared for by Craig and Chantelle, eh?

Weekend in Review: Braaivleis and Thuggery My Life 01 DEC 2009

yakuza-2-ps2-box-coverSo apart from the not so great Friday evening Spur incident of which I spoke earlier, the past weekend treated me pretty kindly after all. Seeing as Chantelle was working this weekend, I got to spend plenty of quality time at the flat, meaning I busied myself with tidying up the place a bit, gluing down the ever annoying telephone cable that runs across the kitchen floor, watching anime and planning tons and tons of Yakuza 2, so much so that I’m not exactly sure where half my weekend went! :)

Saturday evening was however stolen away from me thanks to the invite from Michelle to come over to her and Damen’s pad in order to celebrate her birthday in the company of friends, something that turned out quite the blast as per usual (always fun to hang with Wayne, Candice, Dean, Zania and company) as we enjoyed a great braai together which was made all the sweeter thanks to Wammy and Louise letting Chantelle off early, meaning that she too could make the drive through and come and kuier with us!

Oh yes, and I had kicked off Saturday morning with a viewing of Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, an absolutely brilliant way to start off your weekend if you ask me!

Sunday I was again left to my own devices and once again ended up wasting most of the day away playing Yakuza, but I did manage to fit in a sizeable break with a trip through to the mall and Benbel in particular, where we set about purchasing a gigantic Caesar-style pot in which to plant our newly acquired ficus tree – needless to say, Chantelle’s green fingers are already in full itch to start her very own backyard garden! :)

And to be honest, that could quite possibly be that in terms of what I got up to this weekend. I vaguely remember an ice-cream on the beach, some further shopping stints and an attempt to wash out all the dye of my newly purchased karate belt before it gets the chance to reconfigure the colour of my white(ish) dogi, but that’s about all I can think of.

Truly a relaxing, enjoyable weekend to help easing into this whole “back to the grindstone” thing in other words! ;)