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Ubuntu 12.04: How to Format a USB Flash Drive

If you are a Microsoft Windows user then no doubt you’ll be quite familiar with the concept of right-clicking on a USB flash drive icon under My Computer, selecting the context menu option ‘Format’, and then formatting your flash drive… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu Server: How to Mount a USB flashdrive from a Terminal

By default, an Ubuntu server installation does not auto mount USB flashdrives that are plugged into it. Thankfully though, doing this yourself is not particularly difficult.

Failed Flash & Missing Backups

But losing a faithful flash drive was not the worst part of this ordeal. No, the worst part was that I, a software technician of all people, had failed myself in that I didn’t keep any backups of the important data on the drive. Not a single backup whatsoever. Important personal documents, desktop application projects in mid development, databases built up over years, all gone because I was too lazy to keep up a decent backup programme.

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