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The Coricraft has Landed My Life 16 FEB 2010

If any of you follow either Chantelle or myself on Facebook then you’ll know that last week Chantelle’s long awaited Coricraft couches finally reached us courtesy of the Epping-based factory’s delivery truck, and after an effortless carry through the handy sliding door, our two new oversized babies were sitting snuggly in the middle of our lounge floor.

However, as we suspected, the size of our new addition to the Nagua Bay household proved to be the source of quite a big headache. Too big to fit in our usual configuration, we then had to spend the first night pretty much moving around the whole household to try and come up with a layout that a) actually worked and b) we liked.

Needless to say, this was a lot harder than what it sounds, particularly when you started involving the various odds and ends of furniture and belonging that kept having to be shifted about with each new configuration try-out. But manage we did, and eventually us two grumpy bears found a configuration that fitted and didn’t look half bad, leaving the hard work of getting the place all wired up and neat and tidy again for the next evening – which I dutifully handled by myself for the most part as poor old Chantelle had a late shift to deal with that day! (Convenient eh? :P)

Oh my poor back I tell you!

But as you can see, the flat is back to its fabulous self, the entertainment section has been re-wired and organised, plants and goodies are all in their new places and Chantelle is now back where she belongs – firmly plonked down in a continuous state of sleep, cuddled by love bug and with a cold cup of coffee that I lovingly prepared in front of her.

Needless to say she’s in Nirvana. (And as the guys back in the office can testify to, very VERY excited about our latest acquisition!)

I on the other hand need to get my short legs used to those giant puffy cushions all over again…

(Oh, and if you are wondering why the heck such a light colour if we have furry cats bounding about… blame Chantelle – but hey, I guess that’s what Scotchguard was intended for in the first place! :P)

Weekend in Review: Sunday (21-24 March) My Life 25 MAR 2008

My FlatSunday morning and I needed to get up and be ready in time for the early morning arrival of Ryan, who was coming to test out some or other compatibility issue with his Xbox 360 on my TV set. As it is, the test proved only that there definitely seems to be a problem with his newly bought console, probably something with either his display card or display drivers because the console can seemingly not render shadowing correctly, leaving only a very frustrated and fuming Ryan in its wake.

With Ryan come and gone, it was time for Chantelle and I to hit the road to church, attending what would be our very last visit to the Parklands CBC church that Chantelle has called her home for the last couple of years. With us now both based in Gordon’s Bay, it has become impossible to attend this particular church and so we needed to say our goodbyes to the group. Unfortunately Gary, the pastor and main reason for staying affiliated with the church for as long as C has, was not there as he was attending some other Easter church conference elsewhere, meaning that we got a nice and different from the usual Easter sermon from Steve instead.

Shame, Chantelle was already heartbroken after saying her goodbyes to Carol who organizes the singing duties of which Chantelle has been a part of for so long, that I decided to make a detour after church and go to our favourite soft serve place of choice in Blauwberg, namely the legendary Total garage Boutique ice cream shop. However, as if to drive the nail further into Chantelle, we arrived only to find this historical monument to the world of soft serve ice creams complete and utterly demolished! So it was with a VERY heavy heart and a tear in our eye that we turned our backs on Blauwberg and made the trek back to Bellville one last time.

Instead of returning to my flat however, we went straight through to Monty’s place to employ the help of Rob, as we needed his bakkie to transport the TV cabinet unit that we were about to purchase from Home Depot in Tygervalley, the same place from which we had just previously purchased our dining room table set. Luckily he agreed to help us and pretty soon we had the boxes loaded up and a bank account that unfortunately was feeling considerably lighter! :(

After a brief visit with the Montgomery’s in which Chantelle stole back the final load of her stuff still accumulated at her parents’ house (I am sure Mom wishes Claire would learn from her!), it was off to my flat to raid the final cupboards and pack the final boxes for my great trek. TV, microwave and all, we packed my Jetta to capacity and hit the road, eager to get back to Gordon’s Bay to get the last bit of unpacking done and get to bed as soon as possible. My flat contains now only the bare minimums – a bed, four chairs, a desk, a table, a work chair, a fridge and a single lamp. I have one knife, a fork and a teaspoon and one or two glasses at my disposal and that is that. Talk about squatting for this last week – I can only hope Ryan has enough food at his place for two…

Our arrival in GB was marred just a little by the fact that we arrived home to find that Andrea hadn’t fulfilled her promise of emptying the place of the last of her stuff yet, meaning that we were still going to be unpacking in what remained a little bit of a pig sty with all her stuff still lying around. Nevertheless, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work, pretty much working the entire evening away and only stopping for a single pizza break which Chantelle had gone to pilfer from the Debonairs down the street.

I tell you. I am getting so sick and tired of the this packing and unpacking story that I can’t wait for next month when everything will be done, I’ll be settled in and will finally be able to enjoy the last vestiges of good weather that we are enjoying before the wet winter sets in and floods the house, a depressing story for another day!

Anyway, we worked ourselves until standstill, and when my feet finally had enough of the tiles it was time to hit the shower and get into bed for a very well and very relaxed night’s sleep… without the terrible arm pains of the night before! :)

You Piece of Trash! General Nonsense | My Life 12 JAN 2008

You piece of rubbish! If I ever find out who you are then I’m going to take a paintbrush to your door and colour it a lovely shade of pink and yellow! Worse even, I’m going to add polka dots too!

I woke up this morning and set about on the unenviable task of cleaning up the mess left over since Thursday night’s party (I had way too much to drink to attempt the cleanup yesterday you see!). My trash bin full of bits and pieces of this and that, I meticulously emptied it and stepped outside just to leave it there while I generate the next load to go down.

And lo and behold, there sits another large black bag full of rubbish, sitting squarely in front of my flat. Quite inauspiciously yes, but most definitely in front of my flat. The bastard! Some bloody idiot had decided that a) it is too much effort to carry their refuse down to the big trash container on the premises and b) it didn’t look or smell particularly nice in front of their own flat. So as all good neighbours do, c) they sneaked to my flat and dumped in front of mine.

Obviously they thought that this wouldn’t bother me in the slightest or perhaps that they were in some cosmic way doing me some sort of favour. Luckily for them I don’t keep rubber gloves here or else I may very well have done some trash sifting of my own for some identity theft fun.

Oh well, guess all I can do is complain or set up a surveillance camera. Guess I’ll go with the complaining option then!