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Playing Catch Up with the Lotters My Life 19 JUN 2012

I’ve been pretty quiet in terms of the personal stuff this last little while on the blog, but that’s only because up until now, pretty much the entire Gordon’s Bay branch of the Lotter family has been struck down by colds and various infections, with the three of us only now kind of pulling out of it.

So what has been going on in the lives of the Lotters you ask?

Well, Chantelle was pretty pleased to discover the opening of two of her favourites shops inside Somerset Mall, namely Limnos Bakers and Melissa’s The Food Shop (we of course taste tested at the former. I assume the latter will be tested shortly once our sense of taste returns). I on the other hand was once again almighty pleased with the level of service I received from Hyundai Helderberg on taking my car in for its 60 000 km service.

In between all the Euro 2012 (doing so so in the SuperBru standings) and DVD evenings I’ve been partaking in as of late, I also ran another Willowbridge Food Market in conjunction with my Mom-in-law, which unfortunately didn’t do all that well thanks to the crappy weather, but which did at least open the door to maybe start supplying the wonderful Cafe Magnifico bistro and coffee shop situated in Willowbridge – so far we have delivered two loads of Red Velvet cupcakes to them, garnering great approval in each case, so here is to holding thumbs that this takes on a more permanent relationship going forward!

This past weekend was our official weekend off for the month, but unfortunately both of us took a proper turn for the worse in terms of health, with me even abandoning work on Friday to rather come home and collapse in bed in an attempt to deal with the ravaging effects of the debilitating man-flu. Nevertheless, we did make the trip through to Bellville on Saturday, first to drop off the cupcake order for Cafe Magnifico, then for some shopping and Father’s Day gift deliveries, followed by a late afternoon get together with the friends at Ryan’s pad, for a quick round of Scattergories and of course the Springboks versus England rugby clash! (We even squeezed in some FIFA on the XBOX gaming after the ladies had all left, but I didn’t hang around for too long, my threatening to explode head getting the better of me far quicker than what I thought it would!)

Our general grottiness lead to us cancelling our planned trip to either the Two Oceans Aquarium or Butterfly World on Sunday (not surprising when you consider I slept on the couch in the lounge in order to escape Chantelle’s buffalo stampede-like congested snoring), opting to rather spend the day in the comfort of the Montgomery Pad, enjoying a quiet lunch with the family before finally gathering the strength to scramble everything back in the car and make it back to Gordon’s Bay before dark – which isn’t easy taking into account just how quickly it gets dark these days!

And no, neither Chantelle nor I had the strength to go into work yesterday either. Sigh, at least Jessica seems a whole lot better now…

Come Dine with Me… Or Not My Life 24 AUG 2010

So this really hasn’t been a great last couple of days for the 45 Nagua Bay household. Both cats are as sick as dogs and both humans are as sick as dogs – makes you wonder just how poor dogs must suffer then following that logic!

As for the humans, it all started on Friday at work where out of the blue I started coughing. Nothing to horrendous, but bad enough to make my brain ache with every cough. I arrived home, and instead of just jumping into bed like a good little sick boy, I instead insisted that we stick to our original plans and so headed out to the mall to enjoy a quick supper at Tallhasse Spur, followed by a viewing of the simply brilliant Inception at Ster Kinekor.

However, despite the evening’s good entertainment it didn’t do much to make me feel better and come Saturday I was literally knocked out for the count, pretty much sleeping away the rest of the weekend and watching Jackie Chan movies when I couldn’t sleep any more. And Saturday wasn’t exactly the day I wanted to be sick either!

For months already now, the girls, they being Chantelle, Andri and Michelle, have concocted this idea of holding their own version of that BBC show Come Dine With Me, and the first leg kicked off on Saturday with supper at Michelle’s – who I knew for a fact was serving up lambshank as mains. Yet armed even with this knowledge I couldn’t drag myself out of bed and so instead cancelled, letting Retha take my place at the table while I stayed at home in Gordon’s Bay, sniffling in my sorrow (compounded of course by the poor showing by both the Springbucks and Western Province on the rugby field).

But I wasn’t to remain the only sick human in Nagua Bay. No, as expected Chantelle picked it up pretty quickly and she now joins me on the sick list, though unlike myself who can still stay at home and do some work from there, with her bosses away on holiday my poor, sick as a dog, pregnant wife has to drag her self  each and every day to work and back again!

Sniff, so life isn’t all sunshine and roses in the Lotter household at the moment, that’s for sure.

And I seriously doubt tonight’s Mamma Mia show at the Artscape is going to help things get any better either…

Cough Splutter Cough My Life 13 APR 2010

Ugh. Sick. Sick as a dog. I finally went and caught this damn cold that everyone seems to be grabbing hold of here in the Cape on Friday evening, starting off with a gentle rasped throat, and then progressing to a nose flows like a river and headache from Hell on Saturday, moving on to nauseous and sleepy with sniffles and intense joint stiffness and pain (with a cough) on Sunday and then slowly beginning to ebb out with a tight chest and a cough from Hades on Monday. Needless to say, this cough and general lack of strength still hasn’t quite gone away.

Shame, and naturally Chantelle couldn’t exactly not catch it, grabbing it from me basically two days behind, meaning that she’s going through all the nauseating systems in very much the same order as what I experienced it.

Of course, the worse thing about it was that it had to happen over the weekend, meaning that what was a planned good end to a hard week turned out to be more of a mission of torture than anything else. I did however sit out of work on Monday, opting to try and ride things out at home rather than brave the drive through to Tokai and try to make it through a working day without having my brains explode all over my keyboard, but the downside to it all was that I missed what would have been possibly the most interesting (and intense) karate training session I’ve yet to experience since joining with Funakoshi – a two hour kata 4 training bout over Skype with the original founder of the style, Sensei Eddie Ward.

Needless to say, this is the worse part of this whole sickly ordeal if you ask me! :(

Anyway, I guess I’m back in the office and now on the road to recovery (I hope), so just got to get through today, lament not being able to train or go to gym and then get home in order to nurse my poor sick wife.

Hmm… wonder if pancakes will work as a medicinal aid? O.o