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For Sale: 20″ Samsung SyncMaster SA300 LED PC Monitor – R650 For Sale 05 AUG 2014

Please note that this item has since been sold and is no longer available for purchase.

Having moved the household all onto laptops now, I no longer have a need for my standalone monitors, which means that for a measly R650, you can now be the proud owner of a nifty black 20″ Samsung SyncMaster SA300 LED PC Monitor – in perfect working condition and a great, shiny addition to your home workspace.

Ultra thin and lightweight, the SA300 monitor impresses with its clarity and brightness, with an unbelievably wide viewing angle that basically allows you to see what is being displayed on the screen no matter which angle you approach it from! According to its stats it is hugely power efficient, and like I mentioned before, Samsung’s dynamic contrast technology results in some of the brightest and most clear images that you can imagine for something NOT running in HD. It is in a widescreen format with suggested resolution running at 1600×900. Supports both D-SUB/VGA or DVI connectors, with both power cable and VGA display cable included.

For Sale 20 inch Samsung SyncMaster SA300 LED PC Monitor 1

Area of sale: Gordon’s Bay, South Africa

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For Sale: 18.5″ LG Flatron E1941S-BN LCD PC Monitor – R500 For Sale 04 AUG 2014

Please note that this item has since been sold and is no longer available for purchase.

Having moved the household all onto laptops now, I no longer have a need for my standalone monitors, which means that for a measly R500, you can now be the proud owner of a nifty black 18.5″ LG Flatron E1941S-BN LCD PC Monitor – in perfect working condition and a great, shiny addition to your home workspace.

The display is a 47.0 cm (18.5 inch) Flat Panel Active matrix-TFT LCD, with Anti-Glare coating and a visible diagonal size of 47.0 cm. Standard D-SUB/VGA connector, with both power cable and VGA display cable included.

for sale lg flatron e1941s-bn lcd monitor

Area of sale: Gordon’s Bay, South Africa

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Calling All Buyers: Our Home is now up for Sale! For Sale | My Life 08 APR 2014

So with our Homelink Estates agent Len Wilmot’s week long vacation now over and done with, pleasingly he kicked off the week by getting straight back into the saddle and putting our house officially up for sale.

We’ve listed the house at what I think is a very fair price (R835,000), and so now it is a simple matter to sit back and wait to see if there are any interested buyers lurking out here in the always beautiful Gordon’s Bay.

Of course, when I say sit back and wait, I do mean paint all the interior walls, keep the place spic-and-span, and of course whip the garden into the shape of its life – after all, we are now on show! ;)

Although I’m sure the listing appears in more than just a few places, here are the links to both the Property24 as well as the Homelink Estates web listings:


For Sale: Sturdy White Baby Compactum – R1,200 For Sale 21 JAN 2014

Please note that this item has since been sold and is no longer available for purchase.

Although we’ve just had our second baby arrive on the scene, unfortunately the room that she now calls her own simply doesn’t have enough floor space to accommodate the beautifully sturdy and neat white compactum that we used first time around for Jessica.

I’ve attached a picture to this advert showing my three year old Jessica standing in front of the compactum to give you a good sense of its size, and as you can see, this tall, spacious work space comes with ample storage area in the form of four sturdy pull-out drawers and a vertical, shelved cupboard to the side. Its height is perfect for working with a baby, saving one a lot of backache in the process, and is definitely one of those must haves if you have the floor space for it!

We’re selling it for R1200, which seems a good price if I take into account other similar items for sale on Gumtree and OLX.

compactum 3

Please note it is fairly large and you will therefore have to arrange transport for it, either in the form of a trailer, bakkie or truck. (Unfortunately I can’t help you out on that front. My little Hyundai Getz just doesn’t cut it!)

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For Sale: Flatscreen TV Stand – R200 For Sale 21 JAN 2014

Please note that this item has since been sold and is no longer available for purchase.

Sadly, with the recent birth of my second child, my space in the house has shrunk yet again (in other words, I lost my man cave office space), meaning that I’m now forced to get rid of some of my furniture in order to free up precious floor space in our now rather cramped house.

As such I’m selling my stylish, compact, originally a flat-pack, flatscreen TV stand for a measly R200. The pictures attached to the advert gives you an idea of the size – in case you are wondering, that’s a 40 inch flatscreen television fitting comfortably up there. As you can see, it has two shelved cupboard spaces on either side, with an open shelved space in the middle.

I bought it at the end of 2012 from Makro for R500 on special, meaning that its still relatively new and most definitely going for a steal!

flatscreen tv stand 2

(Please note you’ll need to arrange your own transport for it. I neither own a trailer, bakkie nor truck)

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For Sale: Skylanders Swap Force Starter Pack (XBOX 360) – R450 For Sale 12 DEC 2013

Please note that this item has since been sold and is no longer available for purchase.

Brand new, unused (though once opened out of curiosity. The game seal hasn’t been broken yet in case you’re wondering – I just wanted to see what was in the box) Skylanders Swap Force Starter Pack for sale.

I’m too old to make use of this and my daughter is too young, meaning it is just lying there and taking up space in my already cramped man-cave.

The box contains the XBOX Skylanders video game, a character poster, a Portal of Power, trading cards, sticker sheets, and of course 3 Skylander figurines, namely Blast Zone, Wash Buckler and Ninja Stealth Elf.

A great gift for kids, especially considering that we’re heading into Holiday season when these little people of ours need to be entertained! The stores are all currently retailing this one from anything between R750 and R900 (check Musica or Takealot.com if you don’t believe me) – but R450 will do the trick nicely for me to part ways with my copy.

Let me know if you’re interested. I can arrange for pick up points in Gordon’s Bay, Bellville or Westlake Business Park in Tokai.

skylanders swap force starter pack xbox

Goodbye My Jetta Jameson My Life 28 JUL 2010

So this morning I waved goodbye to my steadfast friend and mover who served me so loyally for so many years already. I can’t quite remember just how long I’ve owned my 1997, 1.6 white Jetta 3, but it has been quite a couple of years and more importantly, a HELL of a lot of kilometers. She has taken me on many a journey, but eventually time started catching up with the old girl, and most devastating of all, the 100km+ I drive every day to work and back was really starting to eat at her.

Obviously I moved to replace her a couple of months ago already, buying my awesome little 1.4 midnight grey Hyundai Getz (aptly nicknamed Gina G.), but in the four months since I haven’t quite gotten around to advertising my beloved Jetta Jameson yet – until now that is.

Last night at around 21:30 I typed up my advert and posted it on Gumtree, on FaceBook and on my blog. By 22:00 the phone started ringing and the SMSes started coming in – and they simply didn’t stop!

After dutifully replying to each and every incoming call and message, I eventually gave up, asked Chantelle to instead set her phone’s alarms and so put my phone on silent and left it to stew out in the kitchen overnight.

But this wasn’t looking a gift horse in the mouth mind you – I had already set up a meeting in Westlake with the first caller that had contacted me, meaning that at 06:30 this morning I was in the Jetta, putting in petrol and on my way to the Steenberg Virgin Active where I had set up the meeting for. We both arrived at the meet up a little later than the scheduled time, but meet up we did, and with no further ado, young Mr. Noor Rawoot had a good look at the car, we took it out for a spin down the M3, haggled over the price a little, and returned to the Touchwork offices to sign all the necessary contracts (hey, I’ve got to protect myself a little) and finish the deal with a good old Internet Bank Transfer.

And that was that. The paperwork was signed, the keys were handed over, and a happy Mr. Rawoot and his wife took off in their new car, leaving me R17,000 richer and thus with half of my new home’s transfer fees already covered! :)

For the record, the phone calls, SMSes and emails didn’t stop coming for the rest of the day. Just as well I got Chantelle to log in to Gumtree and delete the advert for me – I would hate to know how many more enquiries I would have had to field!

So there you have it. Painless, hassle free, and very, very quick. And so far, so good. I haven’t heard anything from Noor yet, so I’ll assume he is happy with his purchase – and more importantly I’m happy Jetta Jameson can now faithfully go on to serve someone else for a change! :)

For Sale: 1997 White Volkswagen Jetta Sedan – R17,500 For Sale 27 JUL 2010

Please note that this item has since been sold and is no longer available for purchase.

For Sale: A white, 1997 Volkswagen Jetta Mark 3 – R17,500 (neg.)

Although she already has a good 241 250 km under her belt, this girl is still in good working condition with a sound, reliable engine, decent fuel economy, and available at an unbeatable price!

She comes armed with an alarm, immobiliser and central locking, possesses a good set of tyres, a full spare wheel in the boot, a completely overhauled clutch, replaced water pipes, all her original documentation, and finally, all major services taken care of.

There are of course some minor niggles that will need to be addressed by you at some point in time. First, she needs her front windshield replaced as that is currently cracked (vertical line, driver’s side). Next, there are a couple of rust spots that can be looked at and also, the air-conditioner is currently not working (though I suspect a re-gas might fix that). Finally, the radio face appears to have a loose connection, meaning that the radio doesn’t play at the moment.

The reason that I am selling my long-serving girl is because I recently got a pay increase at work, meaning that I bought a new car to replace her with. So, if you are interested in picking up a good family car for pretty cheap, feel free to contact me (Craig) on 0828521524 or at craig.lotter@gmail.com.

From the front.

The driver's side

From the rear down the passenger's side

Bye Bye Trojan: My First Ever Gumtree Experience My Life 02 JUN 2010

Did I mention yet that I actually managed to make my first ever Gumtree sale in the end?

Yup, I managed to sell our Trojan elliptical trainer only a week or so after posting an online advert on Gumtree, something which proved remarkably simple, and pretty damn quick to do after all.

Seriously, it’s as simple as creating a login account, populating a few profile fields, writing up a short description of the product you wish to sell and then snapping some digital photos just to improve its odds! And that’s that – the buyers then get to come to you while you sit back and sip a Savanaha (or in my case trudge into work everyday as per the norm).

I got a couple of enquiries via SMS, phone and email, but it was an SMS from a certain Joretha from the Strand that sparked the continuing SMS conversation that eventually led to my first ever online sale.

The first SMS came through late evening inquiring as to whether or not the trainer was in fact still for sale. I replied yes and the next time I heard from her was early (very early) the next morning as I was leaving the complex on my way into work, asking if it would be possible to pick up the trainer in the morning as they were going away for the weekend and would thus not be able to pick it up on Saturday. Needless to say, I had to decline and instead suggested we try and organise either for late Sunday evening or perhaps next week sometime.

As it turned out, this game of cat and mouse continued to play itself out as we found our that schedules (and her trailer’s availability) simply kept on clashing, until eventually one evening I returned home all sweaty from a good night’s karate session only to find a SMS and missed call on my phone asking if it would be possible to come and collect the machine now.

So I hastily grabbed all the documentation and tid-bits together while Chantelle cleared a path for its graceful exit through the back sliding door and before I knew it, I was standing in my sweaty dogi shaking hands with Joretha, her daughter and husband Layton, who promptly assisted me in carrying the heavy trainer out and around through the back, where we deposited it on his awaiting trailer. In the meantime, Joretha stayed to dish out the cash to an eager Chantelle who happily pocketed the money in anticipation for her upcoming foray into the world of exercise bikes (I hold my breathe in anticipation! :P).

And that marked the demise of our shortlived elliptical trainer regime, with it now placed in a happy and caring home, leaving a great big space, perfect for my upcoming plans that involves disbanding the man room and starting up the baby room in its stead…

(I know I know, the world just isn’t a fair place, now is it? :P)