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FPDF: How to use a Degree Symbol in a Generated PDF

I’ve been using the FPDF PDF generator library for years now as the de facto method for my PHP projects to produce PDF reports. However, one minor annoyance is that the generated PDF files often falter when it comes to the… Continue Reading →

FPDF: Failing to Insert a Google Chart into a PDF

My tried and trusted method for inserting graphs into PDFs is to use the nifty PHP FPDF library and insert an image into it via a Google Chart URL.

FPDF PHP PDF Generator: How to Wrap Long Lines of Text in Tables

I have mentioned the useful FPDF PHP PDF generating library before, but today I’m quickly going to point out how you can solve the problem of inserting extra long lines of text into a table and forcing the table to automatically wrap or linebreak all of your text without simply chopping it off at the end when it reaches the right hand border of the cell.

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