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Enlightened Timing

My Hyundai Getz came back from it’s 90,000 km service a couple of weeks ago (great, it’s still on a service plan), and as timing would have it, Chantelle’s Hyundai Getz went in yesterday for its 165,000 km service (not… Continue Reading →

Fixed: Hyundai Getz Central Locking

At last! Finally the central locking on my 2010 Hyundai Getz has been repaired, meaning that all the doors unlock when I open the driver’s door lock, and all the doors lock when I close the driver’s door lock –… Continue Reading →

Getz Versus Wall. Wall Wins.

Sigh. It was bound to happen sooner or later you know. I’m notorious for not being the world’s greatest driver, something I’m more than happy to admit to, and which also consequently means that should I decline moving your car… Continue Reading →

Driving on Fumes, or rather, NOT Driving on Fumes!

Heh, had to happen eventually. Chantelle has an annoying (well annoying to me) habit of driving her Hyundai Getz around until the petrol warning light comes on, before continuing to drive with that light shining brightly in front of her… Continue Reading →

The Case of the Sporadically Broken Hyundai Getz Central Locking System

My nifty little midnight grey Hyundai Getz is now around a year and a half old by my reckoning, with 40,000 km on the clock (ouch, I know). However, here is the kicker. It seems to have developed this sporadic… Continue Reading →

In an Effort to Reduce My Speeding Fine

I might have mentioned that during this period where I’m the most broke I have ever been, I had the displeasure of receiving a whopping R600 speeding fine for an infringement caught way back in December, over the period when Jessica was still fighting for survival in the NetCare NICU in Kuilsriver.

Getting Serviced

Two things getting serviced today actually, the first being Gina G. Getz who goes into the Hyundai Helderberg Service Centre for her big 30,000 km service (a couple of days before her 1st birthday actually) and the second being little Jessica who is going in for one or other big injection which costs around R8,000 a shot and which gets repeated for the next four months or so (i.e. it costs a truckload to get this one done!).

How to Spot Someone working from Home

No wonder the whole of Nagua Bay would know when I was working from home on any particular day – just spot the lonesome car out in the parking lot! :)

Gina G. Getz’s First Check-up

So my beloved little 1.4 Gina G. Getz has managed to clock up to her 15,000 kilometre mark already, after owning her for just over six months now, meaning she is travelling in excess of 2,000 kilometres per month!

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