Things to do in Cape Town, the Helderberg, and the Cape Winelands


Restore Your Original Fonts in Windows XP or Vista

Now restoring your Windows XP or Vista installation to the original set of installed fonts turns out not to be a particularly easy manual task, based on the way in which font handling and manipulation is executed on the Windows Explorer platform.

Ubuntu: Batch Resize Your Images using GIMP

Digital Cameras these days take fantastically detailed and large photos, brilliant for printing and editing but not always that great if you want to simply pop them up on the web for everyone on FaceBook to gaggle over. So obviously a spot of resizing is required first, but who the heck would want to individually resize 600 photos of Aunt Nelly’s Wedding Reception, one photo at a time?

Ubuntu Soon to be GIMP-less?

An intriguing article here that highlights and discusses the recent decision to remove the fabulous GIMP editing tool from the default Ubuntu installation starting from version 10.0.4.

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