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Restore Your Original Fonts in Windows XP or Vista CodeUnit 02 FEB 2010

As a part-time designer, I love installing and using new fonts all the time. However, with the plethora of fonts available online, this can quickly become quite out of hand, and before you know it, you’re sitting with a computer with well over 5000 fonts installed on it! Needless to say, this has quite a negative impact on your machine’s performance, particularly when it comes to booting up graphics applications like Adobe PhotoShop and GIMP, all of which need to load up the entire list of fonts before starting up.

Now restoring your Windows XP or Vista installation to the original set of installed fonts turns out not to be a particularly easy manual task, based on the way in which font handling and manipulation is executed on the Windows Explorer platform.

So enter FontFrenzy, an aptly named application from a not so aptly named software development group, namely Sound Doctrine Ministries (under the leadership of a great big bearded man called Timothy Williams).

FontFrenzy essentially allows you to strip away all your excess fonts and restores your system to Windows essential fonts only, all with the click of a friendly big button labelled “Defrenzy”.

What it does is simply save a snapshot of your current font set up and then move all extraneous fonts into a separate system folder, which you can then use at a later stage to restore fonts from. It’s simple interface allows you to add and remove fonts based on your saved snapshots, view font lists in any point-size using a customizable test phrases, view font samples in both upper- and lowercase characters and numerals, and just manage your system’s fonts in general.

Ture, it doesn’t have the most modern of interfaces, or perhaps the most polished of looks, but FontFrenzy is free to download and use, does the job extraordinarily well and most importantly of all, has given me back PhotoShop and GIMP by quickly and efficiently stripping out all those non-essential fonts I was bloating my system with, all with the click of a single button!

And I liked that! :)

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Ubuntu: Batch Resize Your Images using GIMP CodeUnit 04 JAN 2010

Digital Cameras these days take fantastically detailed and large photos, brilliant for printing and editing but not always that great if you want to simply pop them up on the web for everyone on FaceBook to gaggle over. So obviously a spot of resizing is required first, but who the heck would want to individually resize 600 photos of Aunt Nelly’s Wedding Reception, one photo at a time?

Now if you’re a diehard Ubuntu user, you’ll know that the first and foremost image editing package available to you is GIMP, and so today’s quick chunk of useful information revolves around batch resizing images using GIMP.

As great as GIMP is, it doesn’t feature native batch functionality and as such we find ourselves turning to the excellent David’s Batch Processor extension script which plainly put, does. To get it, the easiest thing to do is head over to your Synaptic Package Manager and do a search for gimp-plugin-registry. This neat little package bundles together a whole lot of useful GIMP plugins, including the one that we’re interested in, namely David’s Batch Processor. Mark for installation and apply.

Once installed, open up GIMP and access the Filters -> Batch -> Batch Process… menu option. This will launch David’s Batch Processor and from this point onwards it is pretty simple to get going. First, select all the files or the folder containing the files that you wish to process on the Input tab. Once selected, visit the various tabs to set whatever batch operation you want to apply to the images. Obviously the resize would be the number one tab visited in this instance! :)

Once your manipulation options have been set in, visit the output tab, makes sure you happy with where and how the processed files are going to be saved and once complete, hit the start button to launch the batch processor.

Couldn’t be simpler!

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Ubuntu Soon to be GIMP-less? CodeUnit 26 NOV 2009

Ubuntu Logo

An intriguing article here that highlights and discusses the recent decision to remove the fabulous GIMP editing tool from the default Ubuntu installation starting from version 10.0.4. Naturally, I’m quite sad to hear this as outside of Adobe Photoshop on my Windows installation, GIMP has proved itself to be a pretty damn good, profession-grade graphics editor, and I’m going to miss seeing its installed little icon in my applications menu bar after a clean Ubuntu install.

But as the article goes on to discuss, it does make perfect sense to remove this rather powerful graphics editor from the default install. After all, Ubuntu has from the start been aggressively targeting casual-level users, something that no other Linux installation has ever attempted to do, and truth be told, if you give anyone but a power-user GIMP to use, you may very well be setting your self up for a fail. So rather leave it out of the default install (remember, it is still remarkable easy to install afterwards using either Synaptic or the new Programs Centre) and push base-level users to make use of something more simple like F-Spot, perfect for making those quick photo alterations that most base-users always seem to need to make.

It’s a gutsy move, sure to annoy a lot of die-hard Ubuntu fanatics, but like the man says, it is the right move, and a good one at that. After all, I kind of like the idea of the Ubuntu ISO still fitting on a single 700mb CD! :)