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A Long Weekend in Pinnacle Point, Mossel Bay (2018-09-22)

The Heritage Day long weekend last year saw Jessica, Emily and I take a drive up to join Mom and Dad at their holiday house in the Pinnacle Point golf estate just outside Mossel Bay. With Spring now upon us,… Continue Reading →

Weekend Wanderings at Pinnacle Point Estate in Mossel Bay (2018-03-16)

My folks have had fractional ownership to this property in the stunning Pinnacle Point Golf Estate near Mossel Bay for nearly a decade now. All of a sudden, the Gordon’s Bay Lötters are making a lot more use of this… Continue Reading →

A Week of Golf and Ice Cream at Pinnacle Point in Mossel Bay (2018-06-23)

It’s kind of nice, this year the girls and I are getting to see quite a bit of Mossel Bay thanks to mom and dad’s place in Pinnacle Point (in particular because they managed to secure an additional week to… Continue Reading →

A Golf Cart and the Houses of Pinnacle Point Estate in Mossel Bay (2017-03-20)

Thanks to dad’s amazing fractional ownership of a luxury house in Pinnacle Point Estate (out in Mossel Bay), we end up visiting that area quite a lot – which isn’t a bad thing given that it is of course the… Continue Reading →

Springbok and a round of Golf at the Mossel Bay Golf Club (2017-03-19)

Back in March, Jessica and I spent a long weekend away with my folks up at Pinnacle Point Estate in Mossel Bay. Unbeknownst to me, my dad packed in my golf clubs (and by “my golf clubs” I mean a… Continue Reading →

Weekend Away at Pinnacle Point in Mossel Bay (2017-03-17)

This year was a lot different than last year for me in that 2016 was dominated by going away at least once a month for some sort of weekend getaway, whilst 2017 saw that flipped on its head and instead… Continue Reading →

Sand and Waves at Oyster Bay Reserve Beach in Mossel Bay (2017-03-18)

On the outskirts of Mossel Bay, tucked between the residential townships of Dana Bay, Kwa Nonquaba, Pinnacle Point and Heiderand, is the Oyster Bay Reserve, a 330 hectare botanical nature reserve. Established with the intention to conserve, preserve and educate through… Continue Reading →

Playing Golf in Mossel Bay on the Pinnacle Point Golf Course

Seeing as Dad has fractional ownership in a gorgeous house up on the Pinnacle Point Golf resort in Mossel Bay, I suppose I have had plenty of opportunities to tackle such a great course before – the only problem is,… Continue Reading →

Pinnacle Point, Poker and Lord of the Rings – Lots of Lord of the Rings

Wow, I see that I’ve been a bit sloppy when it comes to reporting on the last three weekends past, so sorry about that, I guess I had better bring you all up to speed then. Obviously four weekends ago,… Continue Reading →

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