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Joke Factory: Karate Tournament Referees Jokes & other Funny Stuff 20 JUL 2011

A grandmother was tasked with taking her eager young grandson to partake in his first ever karate tournament. On arriving, the granny noted that the tournament organiser appeared rather understaffed, and so approached the main officials’ table.

“Good morning,” she said to the tournament director, “you look a little short-handed. Is there anything I can do to help?”

“Well yes, we are short of fighters for the under 90 kg division,” the director replied.

“Sorry,” the grandmother said, “but I really don’t know anything about karate.”

“That’s okay then,” said the directory without batting an eyelid.

“We need referees too”.

Not Quite Out and About Just Yet My Life 12 JAN 2011

(Wow, it is proving to be quite difficult to get in any sort of blogging now that Jessica is back home with us. Apologies, but this one was meant to be pushed out on Monday already!)

So another gorgeous summer’s weekend here in Gordon’s Bay has come and gone, though shamefully I can’t exactly say I made the most of it… but that is entirely Jessie’s fault! :)

The thing is, seeing as she is technically still at a minus age (was only due to be born round about now) and thus still pretty fragile, we’ve got to tread pretty lightly in terms of environmental factors, in other words forces like wind, sun, and of course germie wormies – all of which translates to no Lotter family outside time just yet!

Still, it is not like I didn’t get a truckload of stuff done over the short little break.

I arrived home on Friday (after battling through Muizenburg and the rest of Baden Powell’s beach attending and traffic jam inducing crowds), just in time to catch Chantelle’s cousin Chané and Jasper who had popped in for a Jessica visit seeing as they are currently down for a little holiday visit from the middle of nowhere world of Loeriesfontein.

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