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Helderberg Lawns to the Rescue of Our… Lawn My Life 21 OCT 2016

It may not be the smartest thing to have done in terms of timing when you consider Cape Town upping its water restrictions to level 3 for this Summer Season, but we’ve finally gone and gotten rid of the weed infested flower beds and rusty outdoor braai area, replacing them with beautiful, fresh patches of green grass, courtesy of Eugene and his team at Helderberg Lawns (who coincidentally, I can not find on the Internet at the moment. Chantelle picked them up through a Facebook recommendation if you must know).


The job cost about R3,000 and took the three guys only a handful of hours to complete.  Essentially we replaced the grass running along all our walls (border and house), meaning that the only original stretch of grass still in place is essentially the strip down the middle!

(Bonus: I’m not to cut the new grass for at least a month to give it sufficient chance to recover and take root!)


So all the trees are now encircled with grass, and there is a lot less flower beds to be maintained (which we weren’t really doing anyway!).

Other than the clearing out of our weed-infested, sandy and sad excuse for a lawn, the real reason for having this done now was in fact to set up the needed space for the jungle gym that we’re about to have installed as a birthday present for Jessica – which obviously then needs to happen before mid-November!

And who knows, now with that rusty, unused braai out of the way (which both Chantelle and I are sad to see go just by the way – it was a brilliant gift after all!), I might just consider getting a trampoline put down come Christmas time…


(Oh. As a bonus, the guys even cleared out our flower bed in the front of the house – sadly for me though, only my one flowering cosmos was left standing after they were finished ripping everything out!)

[subvertedgallery link=”file” columns=”7″ ids=”41279,41280,41281,41282,41283,41284,41285,41286,41287,41288,41289″]

Anyway, the point is, we are very happy with the work done, so if anyone asks – if you are looking for instant roll on lawn in the Helderberg, then we can definitely recommend Eugene and his team at Helderberg Lawns!

Ugh. Back to Cutting the Lawn I Guess My Life 18 MAY 2016

One of the few advantages that arose out of not being able to properly walk for a very long time was the fact that I had an excuse not to mow my lawn myself, with the end result being a lawn that was quite long and lush – until the dry summer properly stepped in of course!

Mind you, it’s back to being long and lush now though… Exhibit A:

IMG_20160211_103633 lawnmower behind very long grass in gordon's bay

In the past I have used garden services to do my grass cutting for me, but stopped doing that once it seemed that using them was introducing more weeds into my lawn than normal.

I used to also use the complex’s gardener to every now and then step in, but the two of us always had difficulty in understanding one another (language barrier), so eventually I gave up on that idea too.

Chantelle did it once (maybe twice) during this my ‘disabled’ period (and did a fine job of it too mind you), but sadly, now that I’m back on my feet, it’s time for me to take over the lawnmower’s reigns once more.


I’m really not fond of cutting the grass.

Jessica versus the Lawn Jessica | My Life 09 NOV 2011

This is little Jessica lying on Oupa Monty’s back lawn last weekend. She’s not particularly fond of grass to be honest – she usually has either her hands or feet touching the grass, but never both at the same time.

In fact, sometimes she just lies on her tummy with all four hands and feet up in the air, making sure that none are in contact with that strange green stuff! :)

However, she’s getting better with the grass, as you can see for yourself in the photos. It’s mostly smiles, so it must be going okay, right? ;)

Oh, and you’ll notice Achilles slinking around in the background of one of the shots. He is still in the process of settling in with the Montgomery clan, and so far so good, but by the sound of it, it’s going to take a while to integrate him with the existing two cats!

Super cute, isn’t she? :)

And Now My Lawn Gets Cut for Me My Life 13 JUN 2011

I like doing my own gardening and DIY projects. It’s my bit of territory over which I rule and take great pride in what I achieve on it. That said, it is now Winter. This mean cold and wet weather, though funnily not so much windy weather. In Gordon’s Bay it’s the Summer and Spring that brings the major winds. And it is dark. Very, very dark. I leave in the morning in the dark, and come back home in the dark.

Not exactly fun times.

So as you can imagine, my desire for tackling any outside projects is virtually zero, and of course, this includes looking after my garden. In other words, I finally caved in and allowed Chantelle to call in the garden services.

The guys we called in are a small company that services a number of lawns in the Country Mews compound on a bi-weekly basis. Monty initially made contact with them, I suppose in what he deemed a helpful manner based on how long my grass was getting, during one of his days joining Cheryl in looking after Jessica.

From that contact we were told that it would only cost us R30 to cut and trim our lawn, which of course is ridiculously low and a bargain that anyone in their right mind would snap up. However, it was of course too good to be true, and when they did finally show up to cut the lawn for the first time, the owner indicated that the guy who was covering for him on that particular day gave us the wrong information and it is actually R60 per session. Oh well, it is still cold, wet and miserable outside, meaning I’m still not going to do it, and so we went ahead with the service anyway.

And begrudgingly, I have to say I’m impressed. They did a fantastic job, the lawn is looking great, all neat and trimmed, and best of all, I didn’t have to get up and do it in the dark. Or wet. Or cold.


Joke Factory: Need a Lawnmower? Jokes & other Funny Stuff 25 FEB 2011

A man was riding in the back of his limousine when he saw a man eating grass by the roadside. He ordered his driver to stop and he got out to investigate.

“Why are you eating grass?” he asked the man, curious as to this rather strange spectacle.

“I don’t have any money for food,” the poor man replied.

“Oh, please come to my house!” was the immediate reply from the rich man.

“But sir, I have a wife and four children…” stammered the man eating the grass.

“Well that is just perfect! Bring them along as well” the rich man insisted.

So the poor man gathered his family from under the nearby bridge and they all piled in the exquisite limousine. As they hit the road, the poor man said, “Sir, you are simply too kind. Thank you for taking all of us in.”

The rich man replied, “No, no, you don’t understand. The grass at my house is over three feet tall!”