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Nerf, McDonalds, and a Potjiekos Pot Delivery (2015-12-22) Photo Gallery 01 FEB 2016

The girls and I found ourselves with a LOT of time to kill the first couple of weeks following my knee operation – stuck at home and with no Chantelle in sight! (December is super busy for the guest house as you might imagine!)

I am therefore not entirely surprised that we invented a lot of silly games during this period – with more than just a few involving blasting things with the Nerf Strongarm dart gun that I had received as part of a Hasbro blogger drop a month or so earlier!

IMG_20151222_095753 jessica lotter with her nerf strongarm gun

(Note the defeated ponies in the background – Jess had to go in pretty close to pull off those shots!)

Anyway, it was ten days in following the operation and I needed to see Dr. Hardcastle for a wound checkup, my first outing away from the house since the start of December!

Pleasingly, the visit to the doctor’s offices went swimmingly well, though the doctor did plant the idea of ice cream into Jessica’s head on the way out – meaning that a trip through to the cool air-conditioned Waterstone McDonalds was now on the cards, much to Chantelle’s dismay!

IMG_20151222_121500 chantelle lotter with the girls in mcdonalds

A little while later, with Chantelle now back at work and the three of us chilling at home once more, I was surprised to get a shout from a courier guy, telling me that he was on his way in order to drop off a package for me.

Ooh, very exciting indeed!

IMG_20151222_160035 mystery wrapped present from gumtree and oglivy

The mystery box that arrived with the van was pretty large (and heavy!), and seeing as I couldn’t yet walk, the Oglivy delivery guy very helpfully brought the package inside and set it down on the kitchen counter for me.

Needless to say, at this point both Jessica and Emily were literally bursting with curiosity!

IMG_20151222_160656 emily and jessica lotter opening mystery present box from gumtree

I let the girls get to work, and pretty soon they had shredded away enough of the packaging to reveal the box’s content – a solid cast iron, already oiled, potjiekos pot!

IMG_20151222_160950 emily and jessica lotter opening mystery present box from gumtree

What an awesome and unexpected surprise gift from Gumtree and Oglivy! (Though that said, I’m not sure I actually did any work for either during 2015?).

IMG_20151222_161317 gumtree gift of a cast iron potjiekos pot

Of course, Jessica and Emily were not impressed with this at all. They had been hoping for something a little bit more plastic and a whole lot more interesting to play with – so they busied themselves with laying out the long strips of bubble wrap and running backwards and forwards over it for entertainment instead!

IMG_20151222_162248 emily and jessica girls running on bubblewrap

But of course, my good mood couldn’t last forever you know.

A little while later, the house became a little too quiet for my liking, and so hobbling around on investigation, I came across this bemused little face in the braai room!

IMG_20151222_165012 naughty emily caught in the act of making a floury mess

Sigh. Dusting flour and toddlers don’t mix.

Anyway, the point is that I now own a big black potjiekos pot – the first one that I’ve ever owned in my life. Which means that now I guess I had better try my hand at cooking up some proper potjiekos in the near future! :)

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Suzelle DIY show you How to Declutter Your Life with Gumtree Laugh out Loud! 31 JUL 2015

Suzelle DIY continues to make me chuckle every time I see something of hers on the Internet, and her latest effort is certainly no different.

So here goes: How to declutter your life – Suzelle DIY style!

Brilliant, as always! :)

(Just a note, but this is also a fantastic example of native advertising done right. Nowhere is Gumtree being pushed at you but it is obvious enough that this is a video done at their behest. Subtle, nicely done.)

how to declutter your life suzelle diy

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Here Comes the Wet: Mountain Biking in Stellenbosch
[Partner Content] 03 JUN 2014

Winter looks to have properly arrived now, bringing with it all the wet and mud you expect from a Cape Town cold season – which of course directly translates to all those nutters out on their mountain bikes coming home a whole lot dirtier now!

If you are tired of riding around the ‘burbs of Cape Town or Durbanville, then of course Stellenbosch is next in line with its exquisite nature reserves and iconic mountain backdrops. And as expected, thanks to the explosion of mountain biking in terms of popularity over the recent years, Stellenbosch boasts the full range of trail types, from moderate single trails all the way up to the more technical trails for the most experienced mountain bikers.

So as a start, here are a couple of Stellenbosch trails I yanked off from the ‘Net:

Jonkershoek Mountain Bike Trails: This is one of the best mountain biking areas in South Africa – safe, surrounded by mountains, lined with hundred year old pine trees – what more could you ask for? There is gravel road, jeep track, single track and some built jumps for the extremists!

Vineyard mountain bike trail (Devonvalley): The Devonvalley mountain bike trail is a fantastic trail not too far from Nooitgedacht Village. The trail starts at the parking lot behind the Devonvalley hotel. Once there you will then cycle to the exit gate where you’ll turn left from there a short steep cycle will lead you towards the hill. Continue on the hill by following the Devonvalley routes marked in orange. This trail is one of the most visually rewarding trail to do as spectacular views of the Devonvalley and pristine vineyards surround you. Cape blue Waterlillies are also abundant in the many farm dams. This is a great ride for the inexperienced to the professional riders, you wont want to miss out on this fantastic trail.

Porcupine mountain bike trail: This is also a mountain bike trail that is favored by many mountain bikers. It is a 6km single mountain bike track and offers a 3km black route to test your technical skills. This track is perfect for all experienced mountain bikers. You are also treated to amazing views of Stellenbosch, the surrounding wine farms and vineyards as well as unsurpassed views of the Stellenbosch Mountains even the magnificent Paarl Rock is visible. This trail will definitely leave you wanting more.

Groenlandberg mountain bike trail: This is a beautiful trail through the Hottentots Holland nature reserve. 26.1km from central Stellenbosch and not too far from Nooitgedaght Village. It’s a 22km mountain bike trail on a moderate out-and-return route that will lead up Groenlandberg. The summit of this peak offers incredibly rewarding views over the ocean and farmlands. This trail has mountain bikers coming back again and again.

Dirtopia mountain bike trail: There are many different Dirtopia mountain bike trails. One of the more popular ones is the Delheim bike trail. This trail starts at the exquisite Delheim wine farm near Stellenbosch. The track is 12km with some good climbs up to the slopes of Simonsberg along with some really fantastic single track sections. Anyone who wants more of a challenge can do two laps making up a 24km ride, while those wishing to take it a little easier can do the 7km route. This trail is great for riders of all levels. If you are up for the challenge then this is definitely the trail to do.

And if you’re not particularly keen on Stellenbosch, well…

Deerpark mountain bike trail: This mountain bike trail runs through Vredehoek 48.3km from central Stellenbosch. The mountain bike tail starts in the Deerpark parking lot and heads left towards Devilspeak. Bikes will gradually climb up the Kings Block house and ride along the contour path back towards Cape Town. You’ll then do the drop down on to Tafelberg road. You will then cycle the 5km on the tar past the cable station and onto the dirt road below. This is a must do for those who enjoy the steep single track. The combination of jeep track, smooth flowing single track and technical single track makes this perfect for all levels of skill and fitness.

Right, so now that we’re all inspired and ready to hit the dirt, I guess I’d better set about sourcing me a good second hand mountain bike at a reasonable price – in other words, Gumtree, here I come!

mountain biking in the forest

(Please note that this is a Sponsored Post, placed via the MyScoop blog advertising network.)

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Coricraft Gone! My Life 16 APR 2013

Yay, we finally managed to get rid of the big Coricraft couch that we’d been trying to sell in order to free up space in the braai room for Chantelle’s baking business.

In the end a gentleman named Leon living in Oudtshoorn took it off of our hands, though given the geographical distance, most of the deal was brokered through his brother-in-law that lives in Strand. It took a couple of days after the payment came through for the couch to eventually be picked up from us (it was living in the lounge as a temporary message, pretty much directly in everyone’s way), but before it went, Chantelle made doubly sure that it would be nice and snug, all protected by a thick layer of clingwrap with black bags thrown in for good measure.

clingwrapped coricraft sofa sold 1

clingwrapped coricraft sofa sold 2

Hello floor space, how I’ve missed you so! :)

For Sale: Coricraft 2 Seater Slip Cover Couch – R3,000 For Sale 03 MAR 2013

Please note that this item has since been sold and is no longer available for purchase.

We’re turning our television area into a work space for my wife’s business, meaning that our beautiful Coricraft couch has got to go. We purchased it new in 2010.

The couch is 2.15m long and pretty oversized, meaning it is an excellent couch for lazing about on. It is a slip cover couch (bull denim) which means that cleaning it is a matter of whipping off the covers and throwing it into the washing machine.

A very comfortable and good looking couch at the end of the day, and I have to admit, I’m a bit sad in having to get rid of it!

coricraft 2 seater slip cover couch california natural

(We’re selling it for R3,000. In case you’re wondering, brand new, Coricraft is selling this same couch for R5,495! — link)

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Bye Bye Trojan: My First Ever Gumtree Experience My Life 02 JUN 2010

Did I mention yet that I actually managed to make my first ever Gumtree sale in the end?

Yup, I managed to sell our Trojan elliptical trainer only a week or so after posting an online advert on Gumtree, something which proved remarkably simple, and pretty damn quick to do after all.

Seriously, it’s as simple as creating a login account, populating a few profile fields, writing up a short description of the product you wish to sell and then snapping some digital photos just to improve its odds! And that’s that – the buyers then get to come to you while you sit back and sip a Savanaha (or in my case trudge into work everyday as per the norm).

I got a couple of enquiries via SMS, phone and email, but it was an SMS from a certain Joretha from the Strand that sparked the continuing SMS conversation that eventually led to my first ever online sale.

The first SMS came through late evening inquiring as to whether or not the trainer was in fact still for sale. I replied yes and the next time I heard from her was early (very early) the next morning as I was leaving the complex on my way into work, asking if it would be possible to pick up the trainer in the morning as they were going away for the weekend and would thus not be able to pick it up on Saturday. Needless to say, I had to decline and instead suggested we try and organise either for late Sunday evening or perhaps next week sometime.

As it turned out, this game of cat and mouse continued to play itself out as we found our that schedules (and her trailer’s availability) simply kept on clashing, until eventually one evening I returned home all sweaty from a good night’s karate session only to find a SMS and missed call on my phone asking if it would be possible to come and collect the machine now.

So I hastily grabbed all the documentation and tid-bits together while Chantelle cleared a path for its graceful exit through the back sliding door and before I knew it, I was standing in my sweaty dogi shaking hands with Joretha, her daughter and husband Layton, who promptly assisted me in carrying the heavy trainer out and around through the back, where we deposited it on his awaiting trailer. In the meantime, Joretha stayed to dish out the cash to an eager Chantelle who happily pocketed the money in anticipation for her upcoming foray into the world of exercise bikes (I hold my breathe in anticipation! :P).

And that marked the demise of our shortlived elliptical trainer regime, with it now placed in a happy and caring home, leaving a great big space, perfect for my upcoming plans that involves disbanding the man room and starting up the baby room in its stead…

(I know I know, the world just isn’t a fair place, now is it? :P)