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Joke Factory: Hair be Fleas Jokes & other Funny Stuff 28 MAR 2012

So a flea walks into the office one morning, freezing cold, dripping wet, and sits down at his desk, absolutely miserable and dejected. A concerned coworker flea walks up to his desk and says, “Hey man, what happened to you? You look like hell.”

To which the flea replies, “Man, I had the worst night ever. I spent the night in a biker’s moustache!”

His coworker laughs and says, “That’s terrible. Listen, take my advice. If you want the best night’s sleep that you have ever had, go out one night and find a really obese woman – like the largest woman you can find – crawl up her leg, and spend the night in her pubic hair.”

So the next day, the same flea walks into the office, late again, freezing cold and dripping wet, and sits down at his desk, absolutely miserable and dejected. His coworker comes up to him and says, “Hey, how come you didn’t take my advice?”

“I did,” replied the bedraggled flea, “but I woke up in the biker’s moustache!”

A Hairy Story General Nonsense 30 AUG 2008

Now I’ve always been a fan of keeping my hair short, going with a shaved noggin for most of my early twenties and now wearing my hair in an unkempt swathe for most of the time these days.

However, I’ve always maintained a preference for women with longer, more feminine (in my opinion) hair, despite the girls always bemoaning the fact that maintaining and caring for these longer locks is a major mission and time-consuming to say the least – never mind the added hassle of forever shedding hair all over the place and leaving the bathroom plughole looking like something straight out of a low budget horror movie.

However, in an effort to show you girls that things could be far, far worse, I present to you some ladies who really do take a couple of hours a day to look after their hair. In fact, I feel sorry already for the poor sucker who has to do all the braiding on that lot!

girl with extremely long hair sitting on a bench

Hmm, I wonder… just how bad can a ‘bad hair day’ get?

A Hairy Situation My Life 06 AUG 2007

craig lotter long hairBecause I don’t like the prospect of being blackmailed very often, I’ve moved to post this rather embarrassing snapshot of me that I didn’t know was in circulation before anyone else does and causes irreparable damage should I ever decide to run for president one day.

It was taken just before Karl’s wedding (don’t ask me what year that was or more importantly why the hell does he still have it saved on his phone).

And yes, shamefully that is not a wig I’m wearing.

Thanks Merkaba for finally passing this on to me.