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Touchwork and Hypenica Year End Function at Monkey Valley Resort in Noordhoek (2017-12-07)

At the end of 2016 Hypenica and Touchwork capped a good year off with a fun staff function at the Outspan seafood restaurant in Kalk Bay – complete with a reggae band and Anne Hirsch’s improv troupe in tow. However,… Continue Reading →

Japan 2014 – 11 Yokohama at Night – World Porters, Cosmo World, and… the Landmark Tower! (2014-10-03)

With the Yokohama Oktoberfest beer garden now well and truly behind us, onward we marched towards the giant, neon lit ferris wheel in the distance, stopping only because we were distracted by the lights coming from the rather prominent Yokohama… Continue Reading →

World Wonders: Kilauea Volcano (Hawaii, United States of America)

Named after the Hawaiian word for “spewing,” the mythical home of the volcanic goddess Pele rises 4,190 feet from the southeastern part of the Big Island. One of the world’s most active and perilous volcanoes, Kilauea has been erupting for… Continue Reading →

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