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Things to See in USA: Harlem Hospital Center in New York City Travel Attractions 06 DEC 2016

Hospitals don’t often make the list of buildings worth seeing when you are out in the world travelling, but the 286-bed Harlem Hospital Center in the United States of America’s iconic New York City certainly now belongs there – thanks to its striking 2012 addition, The Harlem Hospital Center Mural Pavilion.


What sets the $325 million healthcare facility expansion apart from the rest is the very clever, block-long glass facade which is adorned with massive (60-foot tall) historically significant Works Progress Administration murals.


The six-story, 195,000-square foot Pavilion connects two major hospital buildings, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Pavilion and the Ronald H. Brown Ambulatory Care Pavilion, creating one large, integrated campus for the 286-bed Harlem Hospital Center. The Mural Pavilion houses a number of suites to serve the hospital’s 232,353 annual outpatient visits, including the Bariatric Center of Excellence, surgical clinics, women’s imaging department, and pre-admission testing suites.

The Harlem Hospital already has a history with art, and as such the Mural Pavilion is no different, featuring a special public art gallery space to showcase the hospital’s historic Works Progress Administration’s Federal Art Project (WPA) murals.


Originally created in the 1930s, these powerful artworks were the first major commissions awarded to African-American artists by the U.S. government. These works, by artists such as Vertis Hayes, Alfred Crimi, Georgette Seabrooke, Elba Lightfoot, and Charles Alston, have all now been fully restored and are on permanent display in the hospital’s Mural Gallery.


The glass facade is of course the most striking feature of this new building, and the panels making this possible are themselves quite a feat of engineering ingenuity – after all, each panel essentially needs to solve six problems in one solution: a long-term UV stability of the image; the option to replace individual components if damaged; the ability to produce image in single glass panels up to 12’-0” long; transparency allowing daylight in, views out, and a glowing image at night; energy conserving assembly; and impact resistance.

The end result?

Something rather special.




(Note, hospitals are intended for people who are actually sick. If you are just looking to lose weight, don’t bother them and rather just eat less. Something any health guide reviews site should be pointing out.) 

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Montgomery Pizza Party (2016-06-04) Photo Gallery 13 JUN 2016

Father-in-law Monty has for a long time wanted to have his very own pizza oven, and at long last, following quite a lengthy wait, the pizza oven is in, the preparation work done, leaving only one more thing to do – organize a pizza party!

Although Rob and Tarryn couldn’t join in on the sunny Saturday afternoon, Peter, Gail and Chantelle, myself and the kids joined Monty and Cheryl for the big pizza day, quickly setting to work in creating our very own pizza masterpieces from the smorgasbord of toppings assembled by the ladies.

Monty got the pizza oven burning nice and hot, with the initial attempts at a couple of garlic pizza for starters coming out perfect!

We were working with raw dough, so there were a few kinks to work out in terms of successfully transferring pizzas to the oven and back again, and outside of poor Peter’s overloaded pizza which didn’t quite make it back in one piece, Monty was soon churning out delicious pizza after pizza.

Everyone was enjoying the food and weather, and I was getting quite a kick of rolling around on the lawn with the girls. However, as our run of back luck this year would have it, it wasn’t soon before Emily wrapped her arms around my neck whilst I was sitting on the stairs, I got up, lowered to her the ground, heard a small click, and then watched in despair as Emily wailed in absolute agony, arm hanging limply at her side.

Sigh, there goes her arm again.

So off to Louis Leipoldt Hospital’s emergency center Chantelle and I rushed, leaving Jessica and the rest of the pizza party behind. Although not busy, it took a while to have everything checked out (x-rays included), the end result being thankfully no breaks or dislocations, but rather a painful elbow sprain instead.

So it was a bit of a disappointing end to what had been shaping up to be a brilliant day, but pleasingly Emily’s arm did at least recover during the course of Sunday, so I guess there’s that at least.

(This does of course mean then that I’m rather looking forward to the next shot at the pizza party. Very little beats the taste of proper home made pizza!)

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When Jessica Goes to Hospital… My Life 18 AUG 2015

Amazingly, given her history as a prem baby, and unlike Emily, Jessica has never been back to hospital for an illness-related matter.

However, that’s not to say she hasn’t been back to hospital. Having chipped her teeth as a toddler by falling on tiles whilst crawling (and being chased by a tickling daddy also on all fours), the combination of the sharp edges and her overbite meant that action needed to be taken, and as such it was finally off to the dentist for Chantelle and Jessica.

The decision was made to fix the teeth regardless of them being milk teeth, and as such, November 2014 saw Chantelle escorting Jessica to the Mediclinic Strand Hospital for the dental procedure to happen under anesthetic.

(Booked in at the hospital for medical aid purposes.)

jessica lotter getting her teeth fix at mediclinic strand hospital

The dental procedure was a success, Jessica seemed to rather enjoy her hospital trip, and at last the teeth were back to being as good as new.

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Sadly though, that didn’t last very long, and after a couple more rounds of fix, chip, fix, chip, we’ve pretty much decided to wait and let the tooth fairy take charge on this one…

When Emily Goes to Hospital… My Life 17 AUG 2015

I never got around to posting this, but seeing as I came across the photos, I may as well put it up here. Back in May of this year Emily got particularly sick. A nasty virus (which I can no longer remember the name of) was doing the rounds, and it hit poor Emily hard, so much so that it became literally impossible for her to keep any food or fluids down.

It was more serious than what we could handle, and so after a trip to the doctor for diagnosis, Emily was immediately booked in for observation and drip feeding at Mediclinic Vergelegen Hospital.

IMG_20150516_133900 emily lotter in vergelegen hospital

Obviously, Chantelle opted to stay at hospital with her baby, leaving me and Jessica to fend for ourselves back home.

The end result?

Three days and two nights of extreme boredom for Chantelle, a slightly better (but at least out of danger) Emily, and a hospital bill of R9,500.

(And a slightly worried Jessica who couldn’t understand why Mommy and Emily weren’t home and why we had to drive over to visit them each and every evening after work/school!)

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However, it was her later trip (in June) to the emergency room at Vergelegen’s Hospital that is far more embarrassing for me.

One evening I was playing roughly with Emily on our bed as I always do, when she decided that she had enough of her daddy’s relentless tickles and clambered off over the edge of the bed. However, in doing so, she grabbed at the blanket on her way down (we have a very high bed), and the result was her doing an awkward swing and landing on her bum.

It was immediately apparent that something had gone wrong, because it was tears, howling, and holding a very limp arm at her side, completely unable to lift it up in order to ask for a consoling hug like she always does.

Frantically I tried to figure out what was wrong, but eventually admitting defeat, I phoned Chantelle and told her to come home immediately, which she did, gave me a stern talking to, and then rushed Emily off to the emergency room at Vergelegen hospital.

Our suspicions were confirmed by the doctor on duty – definitely a pulled elbow (also known as Nursemaid’s elbow). He popped her little arm bone back into the socket/joint, and after a bit of an observation period (in which she was apparently very cute, marching up and down and interacting with everyone else in the emergency room), Chantelle and my baby girl returned home.

Oops. Needless to say, this wasn’t the proudest moment of my parenting journey!

Photo Gallery: Emily and Chantelle in Hospital (2014-01-14) Photo Gallery 14 JAN 2014

Chantelle and Emily stayed the required three nights at hospital following the successful cesarean section operation on the Monday morning. Naturally, I paid them plenty of visits over that period – even taking Jess along every now and then too!


Chantelle enjoyed the rest break (no baking!) and the food, not to mention the visitors, while I enjoyed holding Emily for the first time.

One truly does forget just how small these little guys first come out!

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PathCare Complaint Resolved My Life 24 MAY 2011

A little while ago I posted about an issue we had with PathCare revolving around a stale claim from Jessica’s NICU jaunt which the medical aid had eventually turned down, forcing them to instead turn to us and try and squeeze the money directly from yours truly.

Well I am happy to now report that after my e-mail to the accounts department and report placed on the infamous hellopeter.com consumer service website, prompt action from the PathCare customer relations department saw to it that I was immediately notified, kept in the loop and at the end of the day, was allowed to sigh a big breath of relief with Discovery deciding to honour the claim after all, leaving us with only the happy job of taking that nasty PathCare final notice letter and shredding it for good!

So thank you for that PathCare and Discovery, most definitely much appreciated.

(That said, I can’t rest just yet. Now I’ve caught wind of an unpaid stale claim from some JC Hunter group to the tune of R6,000 – meaning that pretty shortly it will once again be time to whip out the typewriter and call on our good friend hellopeter.com…)

Jessica versus the Hiccups Jessica | My Life 07 MAR 2011

It is disarmingly cute when Jessica gets the hiccups, particularly when she was still in her tiny, fit in one hand growth stage. The hiccups literally shake her whole little body, leaving her wide-eyed and rather confused, if not to say more than a little bit uncomfortable.

This particular video was shot on her last day in hospital after her nearly two month long stay in the NICU, with Daddy visiting Mommy and baby in their private little room for the official sleepover ordeal. Needless to say, while Mommy was entertaining herself by watching 7de Laan (again), daddy had to do something to entertain himself! ;)