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The House of C 022: Giggs Torres Dig! The House of C 29 MAY 2011

Welshman Ryan Giggs, one of the all time British soccer greats, has spent an unprecedented period of time playing for just one league club for just about his entire professional career, namely the Premier League’s Manchester United. A brilliant footballer, Ryan is known as the gentleman of the game, being one of the squeakiest of clean and all round nice guy for years.

Until now that would seem.

It would appear that Mr. Giggs has taken out a super injunction to block the press from reporting on his long time extra-marital affair with one busty Imogen Thomas, Big Brother reality star and feature for a number of lads’ mags over the last couple of years. Needless to say, this isn’t a good thing for his image, particularly when he found out the hard way that you can’t stop a juicy story from spreading, no matter what legal route you turn to!

As for Fernando Torres, let us just say that this highly rated striker has been churning out too many dud seasons as of late. It would seem his ability to find the back of the net has inexplicably deserted him, much to the ire of his once fans…

The House of C 021: No Such Thing as a Happy Developer The House of C 17 APR 2011

The above is pretty much every day in any programmer’s life. Which directly translates into there is no such thing as a happy developer. Unless of course you give them pizza. And hide them in a room where they can’t see their pointy-haired boss.

Or just let them work from home.

Ah, working from home. Now that makes me happy – and more money of course! :)

The House of C 020: Global Warming – Not Cool The House of C 19 APR 2010

Frost Giants. They’re big, they lumber and they seem to be made up completely of ice. A staple of fantasy no matter where one looks, it does however become quite tricky to remove them from the natural, frozen habitat. After all, no one likes a big puddle in the middle of their floor – though I guess in this period of global warming and drought, all that extra water may not be such a bad thing after all!

And on a completely different note, that’s it, the end of my re-run comics. Next Monday we move on to the new stuff baby! (not that the lack of practice has improved my scribbles mind you!)

The House of C 019: Dumping is Illegal The House of C 12 APR 2010

You might laugh at this one, but a lot of cities do have ordnances in place that forces people to pick up after their dogs or face rather stiff penalties – though one is left to wonder just who is responsible for all that illegal dumping left behind by strays then…

Final note, Judge Dredd is awesome. If you haven’t picked it up, do yourself a favour and grab a copy of either Judge Dredd Megazine or 2000AD – the absolute best in British black humour comics. (Though I kind of miss the fully painted strip days. Computer colouring just doesn’t carry the same sort of charm with it).

Oh, and if you are feeling a little lost, here’s the info link creep: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judge_Dredd

The House of C 018: Deposit The House of C 05 APR 2010

At the height of the global economic meltdown, this was most certainly true. However, in an era of government bank loans and propping up of failing companies, who knows? Still, I kind of liked that short moment in time when I didn’t feel like bankers were screwing me over any more.

Pity that feeling has now gone again.

(And yes, that Ferrari looks rather shitty. But the pigeon doesn’t look half bad if you ask me!)

The House of C 017: 1000 Posts of Pain The House of C 29 MAR 2010

Another dated cartoon finds itself on the House of C, this one pulled from the original CodeUnit blog and marked the 1000th post on that particular site. Needless to say, there isn’t much of a joke to be found here, but at least you get a cartooning of me from behind. You know, from when I was all muscular-like… :P

(And I promise, nearly at the end of these comic re-runs. We’re getting there people, we’re getting there!)

The House of C 016: Hand Me my McCain Please The House of C 22 MAR 2010

The big election before the United States ushered in their first non-white president saw a heated race/battle between Obama and John McCain – something that a lot of people expected to go Obama’s way anyway.

Which obviously it did.

And that explains why poor old John now has to bend over and take it like a man!

(By now you’ve probably realised that these cartoons of mine seem to have all done the rounds on my sites before – and you would be 100% right. Basically what has happened is that I’ve extracted all my cartooning that previously appeared on my original blog and moved it all to its own house here at the House of C, meaning that invariably things might appear a little dated or worse, be jokes that you’ve seen before.

But there is method to my madness you see. I’m building on a Monday release plan that sees a new cartoon released once a week, thus giving me time to generate new material in the little spare time that I have. And seeing as my last fresh cartoon was created in March last year (can you believe), I need all the time I can get in order to create something new.

So hold on, only a couple more re-run Mondays to go!)