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The Getz gets Smashed in Gordon’s Bay (2019-06-03) Photo Gallery 05 DEC 2019

I had a bit of an unexpected expense happen this year which wasn’t the most lekker of things. Back in June, after a good day behind the keyboard for Touchwork, I wrapped things up and headed off to pick the girls up from school aftercare – only to have a certain Umar Thomas in his big heavy Chevrolet Trailblazer SUV stupidly pull an illegal u-turn in front of me, floor the accelerator to get out of the way of the peak hour traffic turning our way, and then wildly careen into me, pushing me up against the sidewalk.

Seriously, he basically did a horseshoe and just took me out with him. His large Trailblazer struck me on the driver’s side, just behind the wheel arch, and shoved me up against the sidewalk wall. Luckily the accident didn’t happen at a higher speed, and luckily he didn’t hit me a few inches further past the wheel – had either of those been the case then I probably wouldn’t have walked out the car with nary a scratch like I did!

The traffic department (which is just down the road) didn’t show up, nor did the local police (they were short-staffed, I know because I phoned), but as always the amazing network of local security and emergency service companies stepped in and did their job for them.

I got Chantelle on the line (because although not hurt, the adrenaline/shock really wasn’t making me think 100% straight), asked her to phone the insurance and organize a tow truck to come out (and obviously race off to fetch the girls), swapped details with the now very remorseful Umar, and after a bit of a wait and then going through the process of actually having the car driven away by En Route Towing, drove to the police station (well obviously Chantelle did the actual driving) to fill out the necessary forms.


This was a little 2010 Hyundai Getz that I had the pleasure of driving new off the showroom floor, and so given its age, value, and extent of damage, it didn’t exactly come as a surprise when the insurance (DialDirect) came back with the decision to scrap.

Luckily it wasn’t all bad news though. With some unexpected monetary assistance from my boss added to the insultingly small insurance payout, I was able to replace the Getz with a very nice 2012 Hyundai i20 (sourced from Somerset Car Sales for R109,900) and so this entire misadventure ended up not putting us out of pocket (except for the natural jump in insurance premium) plus a slightly newer car out in front of the house.

That said, of the six cars that I have now owned, this is the fourth car that I’ve written off – not really a record that I’m particularly proud of!

The Race to Mondeor (or… Damn It, I was Wrong!) My Life 14 APR 2015

There’s been an argument brewing here in the Country Mews Lotter Stronghold for a while now – is it faster to get onto the N2 proper by going right into Dennhof, onto Sir Lowry’s road and then on to the N2, or is it quickest if you go left into Dennehof, travel along the newly completed road that takes you into Broadlands, and then up onto the N2?

I’ve steadfastly sided with the former from the beginning, as I am convinced that the faster speed limit cancels out the slight distance advantage of the latter, and besides, I’m pretty sure that my route has less stopping points than the new one.

Chantelle on the other hand insists that the new route is quicker, and with neither one of us wanting to budge from our position, there was only going to be one way to properly prove which route is fastest – a race!

As luck would have it, there is actually a very easy and accurate way for us to determine the victor in this challenge, because both routes meet up at one defined point on the N2 – at the robots leading on to our perennial favourite, Mondeor Restaurant (and Monkey Town of course).

The rules were set out – there was to be strict adherence to the speed limit and other rules of the road. Full stops at all stop streets and robots was required. No cheating whatsoever, and with a gentleman’s handshake shook, we fired up the stopwatches on our phones (both Huawei Ascend P6s, so no discrepancy there), and set out to the starting point – the stop sign leading into Dennehof itself!

With a timid roar (remember, speed limit), Chantelle sped off left and I sped off right, me confident in easily winning this particular challenge.

In fact, in almost no time at all, I was on the N2 and racing towards the Mondeor robots, pleased as punch at the thought of my imminent victory, when suddenly my stomach turned and my heart sank… at the sight of Chantelle happily waving to me as she drove past in her Hyundai Accent, already on the return leg of the journey.

Disgusted, I reached the robot, stopped the stopwatch at around seven minutes twenty, and did a u-turn in my Getz to head off and join her at the Garden Kitchen over at Mountain Streams Nursery, our designated debriefing spot.

Needless to say, when I finally arrived at the destination, I sat down to a gloating, smirking face, as Chantelle proceeded to question my time over her steaming cup of coffee. I mumbled my number and showed her the clock – to which she gleefully laughed out loud and turned over hers – her route had beaten mine by almost a minute and a half!

Damn it.

It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it is complete and utterly soul crushing. I was wrong.

Sigh. I hate being wrong.

Well done Chantelle, it looks like you remain the champ at picking out routes… for now!

IMG_20150217_143032 a beer and a smug smiling chantelle lotter at Bossa

(I’m hoping for a rematch where we drive at more realistic, real world speeds. That said, I’m not sure that even that will save my bacon – I’m pretty sure that she’s got me by the short and curlies this time!)

Hyundai Getz: 120,000 km Badge Unlocked! My Life 04 FEB 2015

Just the other day I was saying how pleased I was to have finally paid off the Hyundai Getz I bought from Hyundai Helderberg way back in 2010 – and Monday, whilst driving into work (in fact, just before the Westlake Business park), I spotted my odometer hitting the dreaded reading: the 120,000 km badge is now unlocked!

charcoal 2010 hyundai getz

I have to say, for the five years that I’ve now owned her, she has done remarkably well, not letting me down once. In face, the only two niggles I’ve had in the time was the central locking not working for a while (fixed) and a front sun visor which is now a little droopy.

That’s it (other than one or two self-inflicted scrapes).

So yup, mightily impressed with my little Getz and all the more reason for me to stay happily in the Hyundai family for the next couple of years to come.

charcoal 2010 hyundai getz - with Chantelle Lotter

Of course, my Hyundai 5 year/120,000 km warranty/service plan has now come to an end, meaning that after this week’s big, big service, it’s back to paying for my future car services out of pocket.

Sigh, guess I best start putting a little aside each month already.

charcoal 2010 hyundai getz - with Craig Lotter

Still, she has made – and kept – me happy… so then I guess she’s pretty damn worth it! :)

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Finally, the Getz is Bought! My Life 05 DEC 2014

Way back in 2010 I bought my very first brand new car, the fantastically well priced, comfortable and surprisingly reliable Hyundai Getz.

Of course, buying a car with zero kilometers off of the showroom floor is far more expensive than buying it out of the classifieds, which means that needless to say, I had the thing financed through MFC, Nedbank’s car financing vehicle.

It was a six year bond and up until late this year a tidy little sum of just over R2,000 was neatly lifted out of my account each and every month. However with the arrival of Emily into our family this year, it quickly became apparent that the sooner the car got paid off the better, because that R2,000 a month is of far more use to me being accessible for all those unforeseen monthly expenses!

So I started accelerating my repayments, and all the extra little bits of money I could find lying around was plowed into extra MFC payments, resulting in a nice letter arriving at the end of September announcing that the car was now paid off and properly mine – at long last! (More or less. There was a bit of a mix up on where to courier the documents to – guys, Somerset Mall and Somerset West branches are completely different places!)

In the end I’ve learned some valuable lessons though. First, don’t buy a new car off the showroom floor unless you really can’t find a good second hand deal elsewhere – it’s really, really expensive. Two, try and avoid long term bond deals like the plague. Compound interest (as I already knew – hey, I do have a Bachelors of Business Science degree you know) really is a horrible bastard (and don’t think I’m not looking at you my massive home loan!). Three, if you do have a loan, try and pay it off as quickly as possible – saves you a hell of a lot of money in the long run!

So now my Getz is paid for and mine, four years down the line. That said, in exactly 2,000 kilometers, my service plan runs out.


2010 hyundai getz

Fixed: Hyundai Getz Central Locking My Life 28 JUL 2013

new-hyundai-getz-at-homeAt last! Finally the central locking on my 2010 Hyundai Getz has been repaired, meaning that all the doors unlock when I open the driver’s door lock, and all the doors lock when I close the driver’s door lock – seriously, you won’t believe how happy this makes me, after sitting with this problem since 2011 already!

I took the car in during the week for its 90,000 km service (already!), and as per usual Hyundai Helderberg did a superb job in impressing me both with the high level of customer service as well as their service professionalism.

Thankfully I’m still under my original service plan and warranty because the service rang up to a total of R4,350, but what made me really happy that for the first time since I began reporting my intermittently working central locking to their service department, I didn’t get a “I checked, cleaned the contacts, can’t find anything wrong” answer – this time it was a proper, “the central locking actuator appears to have packed up and we’ve ordered another one which should arrive shortly” response.

So a couple of days later it was back to the Hyundai service center early morning to drop off the car, only to return a couple of hours later and pick up a shiny charcoal grey Getz, complete with a working central locking system!

Bliss I tell you, bliss.

Getz Versus Wall. Wall Wins. My Life 11 JUL 2013

Sigh. It was bound to happen sooner or later you know. I’m notorious for not being the world’s greatest driver, something I’m more than happy to admit to, and which also consequently means that should I decline moving your car out of the parking lot, it really is because there’s a pretty high chance of my damaging it, not because I don’t like you.

My problem is judging distance and space, which needless to say is quite the problem when travelling between two pillars or walls, say like at the entrance to my house’s front parking port.

In other words, and to be fair, this really was an accident waiting to happen, and I have to admit that I’m kind of impressed that I managed to avoid it for just over three years now!

Anyway, returning home from a quick shopping trip to Pick ‘n Pay yesterday afternoon, I swung into my driveway, wincing at the unexpected and horrible scraping sensation that uncharacteristically came along with it for a change.


My Hyundai Getz’s rear passenger wheel arch said hello to my pillar… and came off second best.

hyundai getz wheel arch scratch 1

hyundai getz wheel arch scratch 2