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Nelson Daniel: Judge Dredd #2 Cover (2012)

Nelson Daniel is responsible for this tad bloody cover for issue 2 of IDW’s Judge Dredd. Snagged off the Internet: “In Mega-City one, Judges ARE the law. But what happens when a veteran Judge goes bad? And he’s so skilled… Continue Reading →

Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #9 (Apr. 2012)

The Turtles’ sewer home was destroyed by Old Hob and his army of Mechanical Mousers. In the chaos, Hob was able to abduct Master Splinter. Having just shown up to introduce the reporter April to the Turtles, Casey Jones finds… Continue Reading →

Covered: Danger Girl and The Army of Darkness 1 (Abbey Chase)

Seeing as the now-in-Dynamite’s-hands Army of Darkness comics licence has crossed over with a number of interesting and well… questionable (in terms of storyline) other comic book franchises over the years, e.g. from Marvel Zombies all the way through to Xena: Warrior Princess, it would make sense that they keep flogging this fan favourite cult workhorse with another crossover this year around, making it the first official meeting between everyone’s favourite one-handed chainsaw wielding Ash… and sexy-girl-comic-book-artist-extraordinaire, J. Scott Campbell’s Danger Girl!

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