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Check for Rootkit Infections in your Ubuntu install with Rootkit Detector (chkrootkit) CodeUnit 13 JAN 2012

Although virus infections and rootkit exploits are fairly uncommon in Linux, and thus Ubuntu by extension, be it desktop installations or hosting servers, it never hurts to make sure that you are clean, and one of the better known Linux rootkit detectors out there is chkrootkit.

To install it, fire up the Ubuntu Software Center and search for “rootkit”.

Although the search doesn’t turn up anything in the main screen, you will notice a link on the results page reading “Show X technical items”. Click on this to reveal the utilities that we’re interested in. From there it is a matter of installing rootkit detector (chkrootkit).

After the install is complete, fire up a terminal and run:

sudo chkrootkit

Useful for the more paranoid of us out there! :)

Sick Little Lotters My Life 29 SEP 2011

Chantelle is sick. Sick as a dog. Which is not nice because that makes her grumpy. Which brings me on to the next point that Jessica is also sick. Tonsils and an ear infection. But little Miss Cough-a-lot isn’t grumpy. Which is nice. All she does is smile, refuse to eat, and cough a lot.

Anyway, whilst Chantelle struggles to get a good night’s sleep which she then blames me for (I sleep to loudly apparently), Jessica on the other hand is finally getting some full, uninterrupted nights of rest, most likely due to the medicine that she is currently receiving for the tonsils and to battle the infection.

I say “finally” because up until now, our beautiful baby that slept through the night almost from day one (leading to much jealously amongst the other mommies it must be said), has had a torrid last couple of weeks, waking up anything from 1 to 3 times a night thanks to her top toothies which simply don’t want to make their much awaited appearance.

Jessica certainly didn’t have the same amount of hassle with her bottom two teeth that came out pretty easily enough, but at the moment our poor baby girl sits with a swollen upper mouth which makes it look as if she’s wearing a permanent gum guard! :)

Not that the lack of sleep or gum guard is stopping our girl from developing mind you. There is a lot, lot more talking, responding and saying ‘dada’ (which I’ll accept as referring to me), and she now happily sits on her bum for extended periods of time, playing with toys in front of her and trying to reach out for those ones that we place just beyond her reach.

And don’t get me started on how she likes nothing better than being handed a magazine or piece of paper and then be allowed to go wild, eat and destroy everything!

Anyway, hopefully she gets over this run in with her tonsils pretty soon, as she’s already missed one swimming lesson (which she still absolutely loves by the way) and I’m rather looking forward to our next Baby Gym session in Bellville on Saturday! :)

Oh. And hopefully Chantelle gets better soon too.

After all, we can’t keep buying takeout until she gets well enough to cook you know! :P

Update: And now little Lotter is a lot better, mommy is still sick, and daddy has gone and caught it too! :(

Infant Ill Jessica | My Life 25 MAY 2011

Shame, so little Jessica is sick for the first real time in her life, with a good and proper ear, nose and throat infection. She started showing symptoms on Monday, and although our own thermometers didn’t indicate a fever (which have now shown to be rather inaccurate and thus actually quite useless), our little darling was wheezing away, exhibiting shallow breathing, being very congested, releasing lots of yellow snot (the colour is what makes it an indication of sickness by the way) and of course just being in lots and lots of discomfort with the heart-breaking big crocodile tears.

She didn’t have a great night’s worth of sleep and so on Tuesday Chantelle took her to the doctor, a mission in itself because all of the local doctors and paediatricians were fully booked (you can definitely see that Winter is here), and so on the advice of Ingrid, she went and plonked herself down at a certain Doctor Wade’s offices where she was eventually squeezed in when a little gap opened up between patients. The doctor confirmed the infection and wants to start Jessie on a ten day course of antibiotics.

Only one small problem though.

Jessica is due her May Synergist shot at the end of the week, and as such, until we get confirmation from Dr. Edson, we can’t risk giving her antibiotics which may prevent her from getting the all important Synergist in the first place – meaning that for the moment, we can’t medicate our suffering little one.

Shame, but she is struggling through it like a good little soldier, tears and sneezes and all, and of course as Mommy and Daddy, Chantelle and I are showering her with plenty of love, hugs and kisses, in the hopes that she gets through this as quickly and painlessly as possible! jessica lotter, baby, infection, sick, doctor, antibiotics, ear infection, nose infection, throat infection

Sigh, it really isn’t pleasant to see your child suffering so, especially when she can’t tell you just how sore she is, other than by crying her little lungs out! :(

(Update: We finally got the necessary feedback from The Stork’s Nest – perfectly fine to give her antibiotics as it shouldn’t interfere with the Synergist injection. Thank goodness for that!)

Sample Please My Life 24 MAR 2008

Red CrossI despise going to the doctor or hospital, simple as that. I always leave it right until I am half dead and absolutely have to go, and then usually only at the bequest of my loved ones. So, as my sickness took hold last week and gripped me tightly, it was no surprise that I managed to piss Chantelle completely off by not going to see a doctor. Of course, I couldn’t leave her upset with me, so to make her happy I found myself in the waiting room of the Tygervalley Intercare Medi-clinic last Thursday afternoon, patiently paging through a copy of Runner’s World, Top Billing and Marie Claire. Yes, as always, it was a looooong wait – and I didn’t help things by just rocking up without an appointment either!

As it was, I was lucky enough to get a spot with doctor Wolvaardt (who I funnily enough have been to once or twice in the last couple of years) so after a bit of a wait I was ushered into his office, only to recoil in horror when he faced me looking like a half rotting zombie monster. Jokingly, he explained to me that he had come off his bicycle during a training ride last week, hence the rearranged facial tissue!

So I sat down, did the small talk thing by admiring his photo detailing his ascent of Mt. Kilimanjaro and his Carol Boyes inbox before getting down to business and explaining my symptoms to him. His initial response did not exactly invoke a sense of confidence in me as he immediately whisked me out to a different room explaining that it could be jaundice and that they would need a urine sample from me just to check. Damn. I haven’t done one of those in years.

I must say, I was thoroughly impressed by the advances in the technology behind urine sample collection. I remember (not fondly) those tiny little plastic cups they used to hand you that were always too small and always caused you to splash all over the place but never in the damn container. Nowadays you get a large funnel shaped glass which is large enough to hold the largest of samples and designed in a way that you really have to be an idiot not to get it right the first time. Thoroughly impressive :)

As it was, the results take less than a couple of seconds to retrieve and much to my relief, it showed up all good for me. The rest of the tests were fairly simple and in the end the doctor diagnosed me with a simple viral infection, hence the constantly changing symptoms. As a little extra, he also checked out my blood sugar level, which yielded a satisfactory result so that I could finally get back to Chantelle and reaffirm with her that there is no problem on that front either.

So after a lengthy examination, I got booked off, given a prescription for some medicine and sent on my way… just in time to waste away my long weekend in bed! :(

Not that I did of course ;)