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Photo Gallery: Monkey Town Excursion (2011-12-28)

Chantelle and I took Jessica for an outing to Monkey Town, the first time the two of us had been there in absolute years, and most definitely the first time for miss Jess. Needless to say, she enjoyed all the… Continue Reading →

Jessica Chatting to Me whilst Eating the Couch

A hungry and slightly tired Jessica talks to me while attempting to nibble away at the tasty couch. I know, I know, she inherits this strange behaviour from me. Or at least that is what everyone else thinks… And another… Continue Reading →

Achilles Photo-bomb!

So there I was, trying to snap a nice picture of little Jessica who I had plonked down in bed beside her mommy, who had just got back into the warm snuggly blankets after a nice warm shower in preparation… Continue Reading →

Jessica back to Full Health

Yay! So the doctor confirmed yesterday on the check-up visit that the antibiotics seems to have done the trick. The ear, nose and throat infections have all receded, the various swellings are down, her chest is open again – in other words Jessie is back to full health again!

Jessica: Daddy-assisted Crawling

Okay, so little Jessica is still no where near being able to crawl on her own – but that doesn’t mean that Daddy can’t have fun for her during her daily pillow tummy time! :)

Uncle Barry’s Soft Serve Beach Strolls

One of the best things about living in Gordon’s Bay and so close to the beach is arriving home after a long day’s work, grabbing the wife and baby, packing the pram into the boot (it’s quite a squash in the little Getz just in case you were wondering) and darting off to catch the last rays of light along the beautiful and usually tranquil Gordon’s Bay main beach.

Just a little Defect in the Design

Okay. So my almost perfect, swimsuit-model in the making daughter didn’t quite come out of the oven 100% blemish free. As it currently stands, my little floppy dribble monster comes with two minor defects: 1) a head of red hair (in other words, she’s a Ginger – and everyone is blaming me for this one) and 2) an umbilical hernia – or as Daddy likes to call it, a belly doorbell.

Visiting Hours

What a bonus, Jessica slept just about all the way through on Monday evening! She’s been quite niggly for the last week or so, particularly during the evening, something that can either be attributed to a side-effect from her shots (states so on the packaging) or perhaps just because of the unbearable heat and humidity we have endured over the last little while. Anyway, we put her to bed after a good feed late evening and come morning when the tell-tale hunger cries began emanating from the nursery, we were quite surprised to see that it was already past 05:00 in the morning! Score! :)

Trundling Along

So little Jessica is doing well, thanks for asking. No, I haven’t been posting all that much about her up on these pages, but rest assured that is simply because the little floppy dribble monster is happily keeping her parents quite busy with her sleep, cry, change nappy, feed, burp, sometimes bath, rinse and repeat routine.

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