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Goodbye My Jetta Jameson

Obviously I moved to replace her a couple of months ago already, buying my awesome little 1.4 midnight grey Hyundai Getz (aptly nicknamed Gina G.), but in the four months since I haven’t quite gotten around to advertising my beloved Jetta Jameson yet – until now that is.

Charging a Flat Car Battery

However, one fatal flaw which has already struck us during her extended stay in the carport here is that the dear still happily slurps a lot of battery power thanks to her handy alarm and mobiliser, not to mention the rest of all her rather ancient electronics.

Photo Gallery: Purchase of the Getz (2010-03-31)

My first every brand new car was a 1.4 Hyundai Getz, bought at Helderberg Hyundai in Somerset West.

Jetta Jameson Clutches Me Once Again [Part 3]

At last the grand finale. I am now finally mobile again, after having sat without my beloved Jetta Jameson for quite some time now (haven’t been to the office or even karate practice in the meantime), though I just wish my wallet wasn’t sobbing quite so loudly at her return.

Jetta Jameson Clutches Me Once Again [Part 2]

Having dropped Chantelle off at work and taken the Getz through to work in order to make the interview we were conducting today, I was rather relieved to find the lifeless Jetta Jameson still standing untouched in the Steenberg Virgin Active parking lot on Tuesday morning.

Jetta Jameson Clutches Me Once Again [Part 1]

Oh noes, Jetta Jameson has gone and done it again. My lifelong partner has decided to once more say bye bye to her clutch and in doing so, leave me stranded all the way out in Westlake at the Steenberg Virgin Active parking lot. Sigh.

Car Trouble Again

*sigh* My poor baby has to go into the shop once again. Its wheezy steering has turned into a full blown cough, so Id better get it seen to. I suspect the power steering pump is acting up. I expect… Continue Reading →

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